Winds of Change

Player Characters


AARON  (Son of Benedict)
(played by Chris Champlin)
     Unruly brown-haired and brown eyes, he is often a little unkempt and often bears spots of oil or grime on his face and hands.  He is athletic in build, but not as much due to strenuous exercise as hard work.  He is not unattractive, but most of his smiling is done either sarcastically or when others don’t see it, which makes him look surly and disgruntled.
     He does not like to lead the show.  He will only try to take control of a situation if he sees that it is plainly going to lead to good people dying.  He is content to do his job, but is not hesitant to share his unpolished point of view when impossible demands are made or he thinks a course of action leads to disaster.  Most people feel that he likes machines more than he likes people, and he does nothing to dissuade that impression.
Aaron - Hugh Jackman
Jaz - Michelle Trachtenberg
JASMINE "Jaz"  (Daughter of Corwin)
(played by Ben Bernard)
     Jasmine is a young fun-loving 16-year old girl who loves a good adventure, and a good story.  She likes all of her aunts and uncles, even the prickly ones, and thinks Amber is a really cool fun place to be.  She is happy and generally fun to be around.
      She is slim, and of moderate height, and her hair is black and shoulder-length.  She enjoys wearing blue jeans and un-tucked shirts and does so as often as she can get away with.  Unless she's off defeating the Dread Lord Marro, she is unarmed.  She has begun to add a bit of style to her wardrobe, so it is common to see her with a bandana around her neck or other such contrivance.
LUPUS  (Son of Llewella)
(played by Mike Hewner)
     "Subversion.  This is my mode and modus.  This is my central kick.  I'm a bright young thing with the universal blueprint hard-coded in my DNA and as much free time as it takes.  There's no lock I can't pick, no card game I can't cheat at, and no cyborg I can't reprogram in 5 clicks.  And all just to see what makes you tick..."
     Lupus likes to amuse himself with complicated systems, and he has a lot of patience.  Sorcery, swordmanship , computer hacking, stock markets - he likes to figure out how things work.  To figure out something, he's willing to lie cheat steal or apply himself - whatever's most expedient.  Once he understands, he plays a few pranks and then quickly moves on.
Lupus - James Marsters
Merdoc - Jeff Goldbloom
MERDOC  (Son of Fiona?)
(played by Ghen-ki Tseng)
     At 6'5", Merdoc is a tall if not imposing man.  Although not thin, he lacks the mass one would expect from a man of his strengths.  A boyish face that has yet to harden in his adult life keeps others from taking his words, including his threats, without a grain of salt.
     Upon first impression one might find him a little too young for life near the courts of Amber.  A slight look of mischief on his lips reminds one of a child who has recently discovered a new dangerous toy to play with, like a BB gun.  He will come off as the type of guy who used to torture insects as a kid and maybe still does. 
VASTAGO  (Son of Corwin)
(played by Chris Lightfoot)
      Vastago is a swarthy, dark-haired man with a stylish moustache and a Latin lilt to his voice.  He is usually seen in the finest couture, hair impeccably coiffed, a paragon of the manners recently so popular in Queen Rilga's court.  He prefers not to dirty his manicured hands with menial work unless absolutely necessary.  Though viewed as a dilettante, Vastago is quick to defend his father, Corwin, who seems to despair of having sired
such a dandy.  Nonetheless, Vastago seems to have inherited some knack for swordsmanship, and is known as an accomplished duelist and ladies' man.
Vastago - Antonio Banderas

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