Winds of Change

Non-Player Characters

The Royal  Family of Amber

      The Immortal, the Eternal, the God-King.  For as long as Amber has existed, Oberon has existed.  The two are irrevocably inter-twined. 
     Oberon is a King given to powerful passions; jovial laughter, terrible angers, dark sulks, brilliant enthusiasms.  And he has the power to make the entire universe feel the weight of his current mood.
     Oberon is not a King given to administration.  Even when in residence, Oberon has his Queens or other administrators bother themselves with the day-to-day management of the Eternal Kingdom.  All Oberon cares about is results.  As long as everything is running according to his expectations, all is good.  If something isn't running to the King's expectations or desires, well... heads will roll.
Sean Connery
Michelle Yeoh
     A former Princess of the Golden Circle Kingdom of Han and Oberon's first wife, Cymnea was just the practical forceful type of Lady to bring civilization to the rough-hewn Kingdom of Amber.
     Oberon and Cymnea's marriage was always characterized by cycles of conflict and reconciliation as both the 'Emperor' and Empress were strong-willed, stubborn and forceful people.  But no one contests that Empress Cymnea was a masterful administrator, bringing a golden age to Amber that it has not seen since.
     After the birth of Prince Eric, the Emperor and Empress' arguments began to take a different and more vicious tone until, 800 years ago, Oberon dissolved their marriage ab initio and Princess Cymnea was returned to Han in disgrace.  Shortly after her incarceration within the mountain fortress of Jianyu, Cymnea 'committed suicide.'  A fact that does not sit well with her sons.

     The eldest of Oberon's sons at just over a millennia in age, Benedict seems to have inherited far more of his mother's quiet stubbornness than his father's fiery temper.
     Benedict has mastered being inscrutable and no one, so far, has managed to accurately guess what the Prince is thinking or feeling.  Benedict has kept himself completely apart from Court politics since the disgrace and death of his mother, though there are some who find the Prince's seeming obsession with warfare... concerning.  Despite this, Benedict has been nothing but outwardly loyal to Oberon and Amber for the entire length of his life.

     It is said that if Prince Benedict inherited his mother's stubbornness, Prince Osric inherited her ability.  Osric is hands-down, no-holds-barred *the* best facilitator in Amber.  If a person needs something moved, done or erased, Prince Osric is the man to ask.  Nicely.
     Due to the dissolution of his mother's marriage, Osric holds no official position within the bureaucracy of Amber.  Yet an astonishing number of facts, deals, merchandise, posts, information, etc. flows past the Prince's notice on a daily basis.
     Osric does not hide the fact that he is Amber's pre-eminent politician and administrator.  After all, he is merely doing the job that would have rightfully been his if his mother were still alive.  That his father chooses not to recognize Osric's efforts is not the Prince's concern.  Or so he says.
     Whereas Benedict and Osric tend to resemble their mother, there can be no doubt that Finndo is his father's son.  The Prince is, by turns, friendly and convivial or malicious and temperamental.  Finndo seems to have inherited all of Oberon's moods without inheriting the position or power that would change those moods from 'ineffectual whimsy' to the imperial rule.  A fact that is not at all lost on Finndo.
     Finndo was a mere 47 years old when Cymnea died and the young Prince took her disgrace and death very hard.  Almost as hard as he took his own fall from grace.  Finndo is openly critical of his father and King concerning the affair.  But as the Prince seems given more to drunken bravado than actual rebellion, Oberon has not yet addressed Finndo's behavior.  For the time being, anyway.

     Shortly after the death of Empress Cymnea, Oberon married Faiella, a Princess out of Shadow who had captured the King's eye during one of Oberon's voyages and whom he had had moved to court earlier.
    The Czarina was a match for her husband's passions and bon vivant lifestyle.  She vastly enjoyed rich living and the luxuries afforded to the Czarina of Amber.  And the court rumors of gold-digging may not have been too far from the truth.  Despite this, Oberon and Faiella were obviously very much in love and enjoyed each other's company immensely.  It was during this time, that Oberon built the Faiella-Bionin so that he and his wife could travel easily to one of their favorite party spots without the trouble of a four-week round trip sail.

     Faiella's exuberant lifestyle took its toll on the Czarina and she died in childbirth after a mere 75 years of reign.  However, the depth of Oberon's grief at loosing Faiella leaves no doubt in the minds of his progeny or people, just whom the King's favorite wife was.
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     If ever a Prince had it tough growing up, it was Prince Eric.  Born before the crowning of his mother, Czarina Faiella, Eric's first several years of life were as an unacknowledged by-blow of the King's upon one of the ladies of his court.  A fact that the reigning Empress and her sons were not slow to exploit.
     When the winds of Oberon's favor shifted and Faiella was exulted to Czarina, it was only Eric's adolescent wits that kept him alive during the reprisals of Cymnea's sons and court.  Neither the King nor Czarina seemed particularly concerned with the young man's plight.  Either he would survive or he wouldn't, their revels wouldn't be interrupted to care for a whining brat.
     Consequently, Prince Eric has become one of the most ruthless men in Amber.  Only success and survival matter to Eric and 'any means necessary' is the most basic of strategies and just plain common sense.  There is no love lost between Eric and any of his siblings.  In fact, between Eric and mostly anyone.

Timothy Dalton
     On the other hand, Prince Corwin seems to have inherited both of his parent's joie de vive in full measure, as well as their passionate natures.  Never one to miss a fete or forget a name, Corwin is definitely one of the more popular Princes with the peoples of Amber.  Despite his unfortunately common indiscretions.
     While Oberon has never officially named Prince Corwin as his heir, the fact that Corwin is the first legitimate son of a recognized marriage does put him in a place of prominence.  As does his designation as the Prince of Arden, a position of some prestige.
     Corwin's love of both the position and the forest is well known and there have been recent rumors of Corwin forming an order of elite knights dedicated to protecting the borders of Amber within the mighty Arden.

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     Prince Caine, as a child, found his parents' lack of attentiveness all to his advantage.  Older retainers of the castle still tell horror stories of just where the young Prince was found and what he was up to when he was found.
     Ever the adventurer, Caine is often impatient with the politicking and manners of the Castle, especially in later years and seems to have found his calling in the rough and ready life of the seas.  It is said that is the result of Caine's hobbies that many of the sea-paths of the Golden Circle have been laid down and relationships necessitated with the various Kingdoms.
     Princes Caine and Osric seem to steer a wide berth of one another.  Perhaps it is a mutual agreement between... gentlemen; one for the city and one for the seas.

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     And then there was The Princess.  The first Princess, and as far as she is concerned, the only Princess.  Dierdre was Faiella's darling and Oberon's baby girl.   Dierdre benefited from her mother's sense of adventure in that she wasn't forced into a highly feminine role, and Oberon couldn't deny his little girl anything.
     As an adult, Dierdre retains her sense of drama and presentation.  Effortlessly capturing the attention, Dierdre specializes in getting what she wants, when and how she wants it.  Whether it's a new swordmaster or a new seamstress, Dierdre surrounds herself with experts.  That is, until she's absorbed their expertise and moved on to her next fascination.

Claudia Christian
     A spell of seduction, that's what the prevailing opinion of Amber is.  Following the death of Faiella, Oberon became depressed, angry and extremely dangerous.  He also took to disappearing into Shadow for years on end.  He returned from one of these disappearances a different man, an eerily different man.
     On his arm was Clarissa, a sorceress from a Shadow that neither ever disclosed.  A bright-eyed and cheerful Oberon announced to the astonished kingdom that he had already wed Clarissa.  He promptly declared Clarissa, Majestrix of Amber and 'retired' to a quiet rural life in an out-of-the-way Villa in Garnath.  From then on, Amber was Clarissa's.  The Majestrix brought Amber to a time of power politicking, favoritism and downright vicious infighting such as the Kingdom has never seen since.
     Until Oberon turned the tables, drawing much of Clarissa's power from herself into Amber itself, taking possession of her prize creation – Tir-na N'ogth and the Moon Stair -- 
exiling the Majestrix and holding her children hostage against any future retaliation.
Janine Garafalo PRINCESS FIONA
     Clarissa's eldest and imbued with incredible sorcerous ability and training, Fiona was raised as the Majestrix's heir until Oberon overthrew Clarissa and placed the Princess under severe sanctions.
     It is obvious that the King is not fond of any of the Majestrix's children.  This had led to Clarissa's 'brood' banding together in a way that no other group of siblings has managed.
      Despite the royal disfavor, Fiona has worked tirelessly and loyally managing the sorcerous assets and emplacements drawn from Clarissa's person for the good of Amber.  And has seemingly worked her way out from under Oberon's suspicions.
     If this has left Fiona a little... sharp of tongue and sharp of mind, no one other than direct siblings has ever come to any good by attempting to cheer up or befriend the Princess.

Emilio Estevez PRINCE BLEYS
     It was Clarissa's second child who eventually brought around the popular opinion on the Majestrix's children.  During his mother's rein, Bleys was considered of little account, being male, and a bit of a dilettante by Clarissa's standards.
     The rest of Amber found him charming and friendly as well as being an accomplished swordsman and effective sorceror.  When Oberon originally imprisoned the Majestrix's children, it was Bleys' situation that held the sympathy of Court and City.
     By dint of an unstintingly easygoing nature, wit, humor, the pursuit of masculine pastimes and the seeming renouncement of sorcery, Bleys eventually won at least his father's tolerance and the release of himself and his sister on their own recognizance.
     And thus he remains to this day, perhaps the most personable prince of Amber, definitely the most consistently underestimated.  Which is just fine with him.

      Under Queen Moins, Rebma was no mere 'reflection' of Amber, but a proud Kingdom in its own right with its own customs and cultures.  That began to change shortly after the centennial celebration of Majestrix Clarissa's reign in Amber.
     It is said that Oberon took to slipping down the Faiella-Bionin for frequent visits to the undersea Kingdom.  Just exactly what the Majestor of Amber and the Queen of Rebma – a strong woman known to be a powerful sorceress of deep and mysterious abilities -- were up to is still not known to the day.  But the results are obvious.  The birth of Princess Llewella, the slow morphing of Rebma to mirror her surface neighbor, and the return of Oberon to Amber to confront his Majestrix concerning her policies.
     Unfortunately, whatever it was they were up to weakened Moins enough that she survived the birth of her daughter by only a few years.  Long enough however, to declare her other daughter, Moire, heir to the Kingdom in an attempt to keep Oberon's influence from further overshadowing the once proud Kingdom.  An attempt that ultimately proved futile.
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     If there is any consolation in Llewella's life, it's that she gets to choose which Kingdom she is hated in.  As Oberon's progeny, she is less than admired in a Rebma that has found itself locked in step with an already powerful and acquisitive neighbor.  In Amber, she is another one of Oberon's horde of bickering violent progeny with the entire 'brood' watching for a chance to avenge their mother's overthrow.
     Llewella has chosen to reign in Hell rather than to serve in Heaven.  While her half-sister, Moire, is the titular Queen of Rebma, Llewella's influence there cannot be understated.  Thus the Princess stays in Rebma where she was raised and where her status as Moins' child gives her real – if reluctantly given – authority.  As opposed to being lost among her ill-mannered and unsubtle siblings.  It is also rumored that, as the daughter of the Queen of the Sea, Llewella has been made heir to powers that her Amberite kin do not and never will understand.

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James Marsters PRINCE BRAND
     It is said that Prince Brand was conceived during a last ditch effort of Clarissa's to 'reconcile' with Oberon.  However, as Oberon has made it clear that Clarissa never had the upper hand and that it was all an elaborate ploy to get the sorceress to invest her substantial power and influence into the Kingdom of Amber, it's only said in whispers by very foolish people.
     It was shortly after Brand's birth – 173 years after Clarissa came to Amber -- that Oberon divorced and exiled the greatly weakened Majestrix and imprisoned her adult children.  Oberon chose not to imprison the child Brand as well.  He merely subjected the boy to periodic 'inspections' by his pet sorceror, Dworkin.  The direct result of these inspections was that the growing Prince Brand became the only known companion, other than Oberon himself, of the mad sorceror.
     Whether Brand's ensuing moodiness was due to Dworkin's influence, his father's displeasure with his existence and heritage or the Prince's own nature is impossible to determine.

Kim Bassinger
     Approximately 250 years after the exile of Clarissa, Oberon showed returned from yet another trip into Shadow with yet another woman in his arms.  This one was his infant daughter, Florimel.  The King makes no bones about the fact that he doesn't want to talk about Florimel's mother, even so far as to mention her name.  Merely that the King is going to raise this one on his own, without any interfering women.
     And that is what Oberon has done.  Princess Florimel is the first, and well may be the last, child that the King has taken a constant and active interest in.  However, as Oberon is not a man most people would call constant or nurturing under the best of circumstances,  the strain on the King during Flora's youth was obvious.
     Despite this, Florimel has grown up to be the epitome of reigning Princess; beautiful, gracious and devoted to her Kingdom.  If the Princess is a little too beautiful, a little too gracious and a little too devoted to her Kingdom, well Oberon only has himself to blame.

      The presence of Queen Rilga in Amber is still a matter of great speculation among all her citizenry.  After the Clarissa debaucle, Oberon loudly declared that he would never marry again.  And yet, twenty years ago -- approximately 270 years after the exile of Clarissa, Amber found herself with a new queen.
     And such a... interesting queen.  While no one can say that Rilga is unattractive, but she certainly seemed to lack the, well... oomph of Oberon's former Queens.  She is certainly an able administrator, though nowhere near one of Cymnea's abilities.  And while the Queen does laugh and has a certain playfulness, it's not comparable to the joie de vive of the rollicking Faiella.  And yes, Rilga does seem to know an interesting cantrip or two.  But she's much more demure in her power than the electrifying Clarissa.  In fact, in almost every way, Queen Rilga seems a pale shadow to the former Queens.  And yet... and yet... things just seem to be going better in the Kingdom with a woman's touch once more on the King.
     Rilga makes no bones about the fact that she comes from a rather backward shadow named Merick with no prior awareness at all concerning the nature of reality.  Despite this, the current Queen of All seems... amazingly practical about the whole thing.

Kate Mulgrew
     Just two years after she was crowned, Queen Rilga gave Oberon yet another son.  Julian is quite aware of both his youth and his superfluousness, thank you very much.  A more mopey,  depressing and altogether wet Prince of Amber has yet to be born.
     Despite his mother's efforts at bracing the young man up, most of the citizenry are assuming that none of Prince Julian's brothers have offed him yet as he suffers more by being alive.
     What exactly is going on behind Julian's quiet blue eyes, however, no one quite knows.  And the young man does seem to be surviving in a very competitive environment, so there might be something there after all.  Or maybe not.

Rutger Hauer
     Though just a child, Gerard already promises to be more fun than his older brother.  He is a happy, active and inquisitive child.  Unfortunately, he seems to be a bit more active and inquisitive than the halls of Amber are accustomed to.  Not since Prince Caine, has one child caused so much panic in so many people.
     Unlike Prince Caine, however, Gerard's strength seems to be his, well... strength.  Even at the tender age of five, Gerard has already become a bit of a concern to the staff.  And Queen Rilga has taken to hiring more sturdily built nannies and tutors from Shadow, preferably those with a little Giantish in their heritage.  Or perhaps a three-gee homeworld.
     The young Prince doesn't mean any harm.  In fact, he is quite apologetic every time the architecture is damaged or someone needs to see the chirugeon.  It's just that, as a young boy growing up in the greatest place in the universe, he sometimes has trouble curbing his enthusiasm.


Other Personages of Note

David Warner
      Oberon's pet sorceror; dangerous, mad, and – if possible – even moodier than His Majesty.  Dworkin is often involved in some project of his own, or for the King.  Projects that can turn entire wings of the Castle green, or cause the taste of cinnamon to be the only flavor within all of Amber for a week.
     Only the brave or foolhardy would risk their sanity, their lives and their physical contiguity by remaining in Dworkin's presence for long.  Not to mention risking His Majesty's disfavor.
     Oberon keeps Dworkin on an ever shortening leash.  It's rumored that His Majesty is tiring of Dworkin's little games, but the King has done nothing about it.  As yet.
      A strong woman in a weak position, Queen Moire works endlessly to strengthen Rebma against Amber's influence.  She isn't openly hostile toward the Kingdom but it's easy to see the resentment in her eyes -- the loss of her mother, the forced presence of a half-sister begat by her land's conqueror, the day by day changes that make Rebma a mirror to that conqueror, instead of the grand home she remembers from her youth -- all of these irritants have made Queen Moire more than a little testy.
     However, she also knows that as Amber goes so goes Reality therefore she doesn't dare strike openly.  And she doesn't dare bring the anger of Oberon down on her people.  So she bides her time, openly an ally and openly one who is working toward something other than a universe of Amber and for Amber

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