Winds of Change

Rules Addenda & Modifications

Winds of Change is a Chronicles of Corwin cannon game set centuries before the Patternfall War .   Princes Osric and Finndo are alive and well, Prince Corwin is a regular resident of Castle Amber, Prince Gerard is a toddler and Prince Random yet to be born.  No one has heard of the Moonriders of Ghenesh or the Weir.


          Players will have 125 points to construct their characters.           

          Characters will be the children of any of Oberon's children alive before the birth of Julian.  (See Non-Player Characters .)  Amber parentage may be chosen by the players, though the GM reserves the right to recast if necessary.  Players also may decide how much is known by the world in general and by the character themselves regarding their parent / heritage.  
The GM will not be considering Chaosians, Merlin Saga-based characters or children of Oberon / Dworkin for characters in this game.

Rules Modifications:
          There are a few minor changes with regards to the regular ADRG rules for the purpose of this game.  All other rules remain the same as in Phage Press' Amber Diceless Role-Playing rules.  (Note:  No Shadow Knight supplemental rules will be considered for this game.)

                    No Exalted Powers
                    No Logrus
                    Trump – Stingy GM warning
                    Shape Shifting – Cannot be Chaosian based

          Good Stuff / Bad Stuff:
                    No more than 5 points

          Additional Contributions:
                    5 pts – Game Snacks
                                        (This involves purchasing a reasonable amount of game snacks to bring to the game to be shared between all the players.)

                    3 pts – Clean Up
                              (This involves staying after the regular game to help clean up dishes, return furniture to its home, etc.)
The GM is open to other suggestions.

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