Tragedy-Touched & Brooding
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Graphics by Andi Bilga
Insubstantial Fancies

   "Like lost souls they were summoned forth, risen from the various hells in which they had been spawned, and rendered unto the bleeding heart of Argent.  The children of the King.  Their eyes haunted, their voices stuttering, pride and abandon on their faces, the debased godlings came to the haunted City that was their heritage."

Continuting Characters --
Casiel Day - (played by William Ryan)
Fatima Rodriguez - (played by Leslie Lightfoot)
Kei Mitsutama  - (played by Jenn Crice)
Meira - (played by Janelle Ryan)
Runigar 'Rune' Qelis - (played by Kirgan )
Sergei - (played by Chris Lightfoot )

Retired Characters --
Kevin "Kev" Corey - (played by Andy Blija)
Penelope - (played by Ben Bernard)
Sterling Mortlock - (played by Dan Swope)
Wynn Cordell - (played by Art Dahm)

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