USAF Regulations Governing
 the Recruitment and Background Investigation of all
Potential Stargate Team Members

        The traveller shivered involuntarily with cold and glanced up from where he'd landed.  His teammates lay strewn nearby and were slowly getting up, too.  He checked his gear, then looked about him apprehensively.  He'd just come countless light-years in a matter of seconds, and he never knew on what kind of planet he'd land...

        (This play-by-E-Mail role-playing game is based on the 1994 film and current TV series entitled 'Stargate'.  Prior knowledge could be helpful, but is not really needed for the game.  Players will be E-Mailed full background information.)

        The time is now, and the world is our own, with one little exception:  a handful of researchers have discovered that a powerful alien race considers mankind a threat and will be here to eradicate us... just as soon as they find us.

        These aliens kidnapped people from Earth thousands of years ago, enslaved them and spread them throughout the galaxy.  They'd forgotten all about us over the milennia, but now they know we're here, they've seen our advances in technology and they're coming to get us -- once and for all.

        Using their network of instantaneous 'stargate' transit portals located on countless worlds, these extremely bad-tempered aliens are coming to get us with their space ships and ray guns.

        Frankly, folks, we don't stand a chance.

        Our one advantage is the stargate they left on Earth:  yes, they're trying to find us, but two can play that game.  In a top-secret underground complex an elite team is being assembled, comprised of the most highly-skilled personnel available.

        Their mission is to gate through to as many worlds as they can, as quickly as they can, in an attempt to locate and stall the enemy in any way possible:  turn enslaved human populations of other planets against him, cut off his sources of supply, and retrieve technology we can use in our struggle.

        The team will be comprised of approximately four or five such dedicated individuals:  combat and survival specialists, linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists, medical doctors, and so on.  In this game we'd be playing the roles of these characters as they seek to protect humanity from the greatest threat it has ever faced.

        Are you up to the challenge?  Are you ready to join in the race against time to protect Earth against the evil marauding hordes from outer space?  If so, don't waste another second; send E-Mail immediately, because time... RUNNING OUT!

=====Joining a Stargate Team =====

#1.  New Character Guidelines

        If you are accepted, you'll be playing the role of a dedicated professional who has been assigned to a team that will use Earth's stargate to leap from planet to planet in an attempt to gain an advantage over the alien race that is coming to destroy us.

        First, choose whether you wish to play 1) someone from another planet who used to be a Jaffa but has thrown off the yoke of servitude to fight for humanity's freedom, 2) someone from another planet who returned to Earth with a Stargate team and has been accepted to become a member of ours, or 3) someone from Earth.

        No matter which choice you make from the three above, please remember that these are all just normal humans.  Even ex-Jaffa, despite their specialised skills and knowledge of the enemy, are just plain human.  Don't bother submitting androids, cyborgs, genetically-engineered supermen or any similar character concepts.  Your character may well be highly trained and extremely competent, but (s)he got that way from years of study, practice, training and/or education... and nothing else.

        Below is a flow chart to help you get started making your character.  Please bear in mind that it is only a *suggestion!*  If you come up with a neat idea that doesn't quite match the chart, send it anyway!  If it's a good character concept, it'll get in!

#2.  Character Creation Flow Chart

        IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY AN EX-JAFFA, the Stargate project will likely accept you right away (assuming your character is good) because your special skills and knowledge of the enemy are very useful.  Skip all the paragraphs below, go directly down to the character application form, and start making your character.

        IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY A NON-EARTH HUMAN, the Stargate project will simply send you back home unless you have a particularly useful skill such as wilderness survival, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, medicine or the like.

        Remember that most of these skills require a technology base equal to that of contemporary Earth, and so far all the human-inhabited planets encountered by the Stargate project have been below our level of technology.  If you think you've figured out a way to pull it off anyway, skip all the paragraphs below, go directly down to the character creation/application form, and start making your character.

        IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY AN EARTH HUMAN, your character must be an expert in a field such as wilderness survival, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, medicine or something similar.  Generally speaking, wilderness survival specialists, combat specialists and medical doctors will be U.S. Air Force personnel, whilst linguists, anthropologists and archaeologists will be civilians.

        That's your next choice, then:  will your character be Air Force or civilian...?

        IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY A CIVILIAN, you will most likely be a scientist with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in your field.  Your character should be at least 27 years old and will be vastly knowledgeable in his or her specialty area, but almost certainly at the cost of any practical knowledge such as combat techniques.

        IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY AN AIR FORCE CHARACTER, you have another choice to make:  officer or enlisted?  Officers give orders, are at least 22 years old and have attended college (and may have gone on to further higher education).  Enlisted personnel take orders and do the work, have attended --usually finished-- high school, and can be as young as 18 (in some cases even 16) years old.

        IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY AN OFFICER, you will probably be a medical doctor or an expert in a military-oriented field such as wilderness survivial or combat... though it's possible you might be a scientist within the military (the character of 'Captain Carter' on the TV show is one of these).

        Your rank will be either Second Lieutenant (lowest), First Lieutenant (middle), or Captain (highest).  Any scientists in the military (Carter-types) will have a higher degree than just a regular college degree (they'll probably have a Ph.D.), so they'll automatically be Captains.

        IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY AN ENLISTED character, (s)he will almost certainly be an expert in a military-oriented field such as combat or wilderness survival.

==== Application to play in the Stargate PBeM RPG ====

Instructions:  Copy the following application form, fill in all the answers in place of the [comments]. Thank you for your time!

------- Player Information -------

1) Real first name:
    [Insert real first name... last name not necessary.  No nicknames, please.]

2) E-Mail address:
    [E-mail address you wish to use in the game]

3) Age:
    [Age in real life]

4) Occupation/Hobbies:
    [Please tell us a little bit about yourself]

5) Previous experience:
    [Previous PBeM and RPG experience, if any.  Note: it will not be held against you if you have no experience.]

6) Why you want to join Project Stargate:
    [Out of all the other PBeMs out there, what made you choose to apply to this game?]

------- Character Information -------

Name:     [name of your character]
Origin:     [Earth, other planet, former Jaffa, etc.]
Gender:   [male or female]
Status:     [enter 'military' or 'civilian' here]
Rank:      [only for military personnel; see chart below]
MOS:     [Military Occupational Specialty (civilians enter job: 'doc', 'linguist', etc.)]

MOS, for military characters, is the primary job for which your character was trained in the Air Force:  pilot, infantry, technical (specify), communications and so on.  Bear in mind that many things -- such as pilot -- are useless to the Stargate project.

Age:        [see notes above, and in rank charts below]
Looks:     [character's height, weight, build, hair, eyes, unusual features, etc.]
Traits:      [fairly detailed description of your character's personality]
Skills:      [character's professional skills and any other personal skills of interest]
Hobbies:  [what does your character do for fun in his or her free time?]
Bio:         see instructions between [parentheses] below

        [under 'Bio' you should write your chracter's complete life story (biography) and professional history in narrative form, as though telling a story.  It can be as short or as long as you like, but should at least be lengthy enough to contain sufficient information for the Game Master to get a good feel for what makes your character 'tick'.

        Include things like who his or her parents were, any interesting events during his or her childhood, why (s)he decided to enter his or her chosen career path, interesting events that occurred at school or college, where (s)he's worked since starting his or her career, special awards received,
tragic events that affected his or her life, etc.]

Greatest strength:     [what is this character's greatest strength?]
Greatest weakness:  [what is this character's greatest weakness?]

To aid military players in designing their characters and assigning appropriate character ages, below is a chart of all the U.S. Air Force ranks.  It's divided into 'officers' and 'enlisted' and runs from General, the biggest boss, to Airman Third Class, the lowest flunky.  Some non-player characters (NPCs) are shown for your reference.  Please note that player characters (PCs) cannot be higher than Captain.

Offier Rank Age
General  This rank not available for game play
Lieutenant General This rank not available for game play
Major General  NPC General Hammond, 
head of SG project
Brigadier General  This rank not available for game play
Colonel   NPC Col. O'Neill, from TV show; 
not available to us
Lieutenant Colonel GM Brian is playing this rank
as team leader
Major  PC John is playing this rank
as assistant leader
Captain  26-32  (available for new PCs)
First Lieutenant  23-27  (available for new PCs)
Second Lieutenant  22-25*  (available for new PCs)

*Getting promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant usually takes only a year.  If he didn't make First Lieutenant after a year, it means there is something wrong with his performance.

All enlisted ranks listed below are available to PCs for game play:

Enlisted Rank Age
Chief Master Sergeant 40-50 (and older)
Senior Master Sergeant 35-45
Master Sergeant 30-40
Technical Sergeant  26-32
Staff Sergeant  23-27
Airman 1st class 22-25
Airman 2nd class 21-23
Airman 3rd class (16-18)-21

      ==== Openings in the Stargate PBeM RPG ====

Bravo Team:
GM:  Brian
Status: Recruitment Complete / Compliment full

Charlie Team:
GM:  Sebastiaan
Status: Classified

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