*sigh* I suppose every group needs a big, strong, quiet, stupid type. I just didn't figure it would be me. Something tells me I should be more... but when these guys get to yapping, there's nothing for it but to shut up. There's enough shit flying around without my adding to it. And half of what they're yapping about, I either don't understand or don't believe anyway.

As for being big and strong, yep I am. Not that big and strong counts much in 'phenomenal cosmic powers' game. But it's enough to keep me going. And usually it's enough to let me pick up the pieces lying around after the 'phenomenal cosmic power game' and get them to the hospital or home or to whatever safety I can find. Soooo, I suppose that works out for everybody.


Bret, Bret, Bret. What to say about the guy. 'He's a pig' jumps right to mind. But also... you know, other than Nick, he's the only one I think I'd trust. There's a kind of reluctant honor to Bret. Like he *reeeeeallllllyyy* doesn't want to, but he'll keep his promises and do what's right. But it pisses him off when he does so. *laugh*

But other times, he's all 'let 'em burn' and the... just cruel and vicious things he says. I don't like being around him at those times.


*laughing* You know, sometimes I think Jared exists just to piss me off. He's such a dink, and yet... And yet, I can't help being jealous sometimes. The guy's succeeded where I've failed. The guy's kept on going where I've given up. The guy's done a hell of a lot more for Nicholas than I have...

Shit! Just goes to show you.


Lots of mixed feelings about Jenna. She was really kind when I first woke up. And sometimes I think she still does care about me. I'm grateful for that. She's also the *only* one I can talk to about the 'before' time, the memories.

But... but that initial anger at being woken up still hasn't quite gone away. There's other things too. Things I shouldn't be angry at Jenna about but I am. I don't like or trust the power she has in her hands. And I don't like the way she's... careless, I guess, about that power.

*sigh* Mixed, mixed feelings.


Molly is... whimsical, I guess, would be the best word. I don't think she's got any real out-and-out maliciousness in her. But she's so flighty that she's sometimes hard to deal with. Trying to get information out of her is like pulling teeth.

Molly obviously enjoys talking and life 'cause she's always laughing. But man, I don't think she *cares* about anything. The only thing I've seen *ever* ruffle her feathers, is that she's not fond of the way she was 'thrown out' of the J'tor dreamlabs. Shit! We should all be so lucky.


*long pause* It seems like my opinion on Nicholas changes almost every week. Mostly staying in the red though. When I first met the guy, it was like -- brrrr, Mr. Iceberg. But now that I know a little more about the world I'm in -- and the world I came from -- that Ice thing is sounding more and more reasonable. And you can't argue with success. Not that Nick is 100% in the success category, but close enough, close enough.

On top of it, this memory... Nicholas' father, my King. That makes him my Prince... still dealing with that.


To say that Seth and I don't get along is a *major* understatement. I'm not real sure of his feelings for me, beyond 'ignorant plebian'. My feelings for him? Crush, mangle, destroy. In the interest of teamwork, I'm not killing Seth till we're free. But afterwards, I'm planning to get wrist deep into his thoracic cavity.

See the problem is -- Seth's wacko. Full out bonkers. And a sadist on top of it. I figure it's a kindness to the rest of the universe to smash him before he commits any more atrocities in the name of art.