Quiz Family Entourage
Public Knowledge:

Gonheedra:  Charlaine was 12 when she came to Gonheedra as a laughing wild child.  Going by just "Charlaine" she was open and friendly to all.  Though she didn't speak about the specifics of her background -- her naivetes, underlying assumptions and manner of speech all pointed to a noble background.  The occasional childhood stories and reminiscences she did share also indicated a life free from want and caged in expectation.
            At the beginning of her schooling, Charlaine seemed well on her way to becoming a rebel.  But the lessons and the discipline of Gonheedra gradually made their presence felt in Charlaine's behavior.  The fact that she could be physically assaulted by the teachers and headmistress of Gonheedra came as quite a shock to the girl.  While no stranger to such things, Charlaine was appalled that she could be hit by anyone who wanted to.  This, coupled with the undeniable evidence that some of her fellow students were definitely her superiors in ways physical, intellectual or spiritual, wrought a slow change in the young woman.
            The Charlaine who graduated from Gonheedra was a focused studious and competitive young woman.  While still capable of smiling or laughing, gone was the light-heartedness that characterized the younger girl.
            Since that time, Charlaine has not made any attempt to contact her fellow students.  Nor has she replied to any attempt to contact her.

Current Knowledge:  The du Mauves are a minor Noble House, just as  Bonneforet is a small – though profitable – system. The products of the Bonneforet system include Boispourpre – an incredibly hard wood with a hint of purple within its fine grain, Glase Chantes – glistening white gemstones that hum with their own internal tone, and Fumeegres – a volcanic stone with that can be forged with various metals to amazing effect.
            The du Mauves are gentlemen farmers and have remained decidedly neutral and distant from many of the turmoils of the Known Worlds.  They retain good relationships with the Charioteers and the Orthodox Church and have never been involved in any scandal with any other power of the Known Worlds.
            However, Bonneforet is within one jumpgate of Stigmata.  And when the Symbiote made its presence know there, the legendary du Mauve neutrality shifted.  The current Duchess of Bonneforet is Isabelle Yvonne Louisa de Hazat.  Another member of the Hazat House, Eduard de Vin, has also married into House du Mauve.
            Marquessa Charlaine Isabelle Violette du Mauve is the third child of the reigning Duke and Duchess of Bonneforet.  In her own right, she is landed with a small continent on the Bonneforet homeworld.  And is in line to inherit two larger continents on Bonneforet as well as a smaller world within the system.
            A bit of a recluse, like much of her family, Marquessa Charlain du Mauve has not traveled much within the Known Worlds.  And not much is known of the young woman's tastes or preferences.  The Marquessa de Monteforte is, at this time, unwed, despite offers tendered by Hazat, Al-Malik and several other Minor Noble Houses.


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