This site contains a collection of images of the characters from
Peter Frederick and David Blue's
Patterns 3.1
Amber Diceless Role-playing Game.
These 'Trumps' were created from images 'found' on the Internet,
modified and assembled using PaintShop Pro 5 by Leslie Lightfoot.
Wherever possible, I have sited the original sources.

If you are a player in the Patterns 3.1 game and would like a 'Trump' done,
please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to assemble an image.

No Trump Description Available
at This Time

Original figure is Russell Crowe from Gladiator 

Original figure by Luiz Royo

An athletic woman stands facing the observer.  She is outdoors, and the lighting and background suggest that she is in Rebma.
     The woman is bare-headed; she has straight black hair which has been pulled back and gathered into a single tight braid which rests on her left shoulder.  Her skin is tan-over-olive and flaw-
less.  Her eyes are dark brown and penetrating. She is coldly beautiful.
     She stands in a relaxed pose, with her left hand on her hip and her right hand draped over the hilt of a large sword which she has balanced on her right shoulder, with the pommel pointing forward and to the right.
     She wears a sleeveless vest and kilt outfit made of some black, slightly shiny material.  Her sword-
belt is worn bandolier-fashion; it is made of chain links and each chain link has a disc of ivory within.  She wears a black cape trimmed with blue, finger-
less gloves and fold-over calf-length boots.  A dark blue belt features a round buckle with an emblem (the 'biohazard' symbol) in red enamel.
     She is smiling, showing her fine white teeth; it is the smile on the face of the tiger.  The effect is that of cheerful, casual menace. 
No Trump Description Available
at This Time

Original figure by Olivia 

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