Colors:    Gold and Black        Emblem:    A lion's paw print

Trump Description:  Gold eyes glimmered out of a face of midnight.  Close shaven dark hair gave the impression of fur spread across a finely shaped scalp.  White teeth gleamed between lips spread in laughter... teeth perhaps a bit too sharp, laughter perhaps a bit too cruel.  Ritual scars swirled in a spiral around one cheek before dancing up over one fine eyebrow.
        Her features were sharp, edged and gave the impression of a face never at rest.  One expression always giving way quickly to another, each one beautiful, each one real, each one dangerous.
        A gold satin shirt clung to her tall thin frame.  Black trousers hugged
muscular legs.  Dark boots stood only as high as her ankles and I knew these
could be shed in an instant.  No other ornaments, nothing that broke the lady's
lines.  Speed, sleekness, mercurial movement was her calling card.
         Behind her head crossed spears were visible that I knew were held in hands comfortably resting in the small of her back.  These she could weild with efficiency both as missiles and as staves.  But it was the mind behind the laughing eyes that was truly the weapon.

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