Vekta of Tanaka

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If you are a player in Juli Herrera's "Time Heals All Wounds"
Amber Diceless RPG -- Please think carefully before reading
the following.  This and the other pages of this site contain
information about the character and game that is still
classified with regards to other characters.


Physical Description --

(Note:  It is important to remember throughout the following that Vekta is a
*fire-lizard* NOT a dragon.  There is nothing even remotely Draconian about her.)

Two facets of Vekta's physical form remain fairly constant throughout whatever shape she takes.  (This doesn't have to be true, it's just that she's unimaginative and hasn't figured out how to master these tendencies. )

#1 - Vekta runs hot.  Sometimes very hot.  This is in inverse proportion to her size.
        When Vekta is relaxed and in her usual form of 8'6" and 800 pounds, she is fairly warm to the touch.  It would be uncomfortable for an Earth human to hold hands or lean against her for more than a few moments.  In this form, occasional spurts of steam will emerge from her snout, but real fire only very rarely -- if she's been working hard for an extended period.  If she shifts to something larger -- and less massy -- she grows cooler to
the touch.  No steam or fire.
        If she shifts to smaller, more dense shapes, she grows even hotter to
the touch.  And the likelihood of 'fire-breath' increases.  When she gets down to the size of a moderate iguana, she becomes *very* hot.  Hot enough to ignite combustibles touching her -- paper, plants, fabrics, etc.
        In all of the above, the 'fire-breath' is not so much a weapon she
consciously controls, as a biological system that 'happens'.  Think of burping.  There is some control, but more often than not, it's a surprise.

#2 - Vekta is a 'mood lizard'.  Vekta's skin -- and hair, eyes, claws, crests, etc when she has them -- are heliotropic.  She can control this with some little effort, but more often will choose not to.  Or if really upset, can't.
        In her usual form, her skin is black with moving stripes and blobs of
mostly crimson, and some orange, tracing over her shape.  When relaxed or asleep, the colors move slowly, and are darker -- almost blacks.  When
moderately active or concentrating, the shapes start drifting and brighten --
occasional yellows appear.  When agitated, frightened or working furiously, the colors literally begin to fly around her skin, in psychedelic or fractal level flashes.  Bright reds, oranges, yellows, actinic whites, flashes of magnesium blues.
        This color display can -- and *has* -- appeared on just about every form Vekta has taken.  On a human form, it can be extremely disconcerting. When the stripes and blobs are very active -- they break up the visual field of a body alarmingly: i.e. it's hard to detect cheek bones, nose, and ears when the whole face is swimming in dancing color.  (Think of a woman's face with a lava lamp pattern projected on it.)
        This biological function of Vekta's is roughly equivalent to breathing.  It
happens whether she wants to or no.  But if she's paying attention, she can
moderate it.

Vekta's shapes -- (or things she can maintain without concentration.)

Usual form - This is the most common and comfortable form Vekta takes.  She is bipedal, jacklegged, and bilaterally symmetrical.  She stands about
8'6" at the head, maybe 5'10'" or 6' at the shoulder.  If extending vertical (ie
tiptoed with neck stretched upward) Vekta would probably measure about 11' feet or so.  Tip of nose to tip of tail -- normally about 8', extended maybe 10'.
        A smallish head with a mouthful of wicked teeth, sits atop a muscular
serpentine neck.  Vekta's eyes are on either side of the head.  Black with
travertine like veining, unblinking, and honestly -- pretty dull.  The neck extends down to a body mass that is canted parallel to the ground instead of perpendicular to it.  (Again, think Velociraptor.)  Two strongly muscled arms descend from her shoulders.  Her hands are 'webbed' and two
fingers and one opposing thumb are each tipped with 6" razor sharp claws.
        The barrel of her body is not overly large.  More of her weight is carried in her hips and thighs -- and the tail that extends behind them.  Vekta's tail is broad and well muscled, not serpentine at all.  And while *not* prehensile, she can use it as a striking or blunt weapon, instead of just as a counterbalance.  The tail is strong enough to support her weight momentarily if Vekta wants to lean back and get both feet into a strike.  But she can't retain this position.
        Her thighs are enormously powerful, allowing for serious sprints of speed, phenomenal leaps and deadly, deadly foot strikes.  At the end of her jacklegs, her feet also contain three claws.  The two toe claws are each about 8" long, but typically slightly blunted by contact with the ground.  Her heel claws are shorter, maybe 5 inches long, but much larger around and do not blunt.  In fact, Vekta will leave small puncture marks at the back of  her 'footprints', even across stone floors.
        Vekta does 'walk', though she will occasionally move in a series of small hops if she is feeling playful.

Fighting form -- Mostly a beefed up version of the above.  Smaller (down to about 6" tall), hotter, with an armored hide, and a spiked crest down the spine.  Horn spikes at the tip of the tail.  Horn elbow and knee spikes.  Claws lengthened and sharper.  Teeth as well.  Eyes move forward for
binocular vision.

Flying form -- (Note:  Vekta doesn't have a swimming form.  She's not
particularly fond of water.  Even though she knows it can't really hurt her.)  This is the smallest of Vekta's common forms.  The firebird stands 2' tall from claw to top of head -- thus it is very, very hot.  Wingspan is roughly 5'.
        Vekta as firebird is still built along raptor lines -- not the more common
peacock version of mythology.  Nothing trails or drapes from this form.  No
crests.  Pinions and tail feathers are sleek and streamlined.  Claws and beak are cruelly pointed and sharp.
        And the firebird burns, constantly, with non-consuming flames.  The
flames are aggressive, bright, glaring and well capable of brightly illuminating almost any size space.  It would be difficult for an Earth human to look directly at Vekta in this shape.
        The actual flames dancing around Vekta's body probably wouldn't set
anything on fire.  But her direct touch might, given her small size and heat
properties.  The flames also burn eerily, silently.  In fact, the whole shape is
given to silence.  There is little rustle of feathers, and Vekta doesn't speak or make sounds much when in this form.
    However, the firebird shape is a *speed demon*, flashing across the sky
at velocities well over Mach.  And Vekta doesn't play around in this shape, no aerobatics, no sky games.  Direct and to the point.  There in a flash and gone.  That's what the firebird shape is all about.

Human forms -- Vekta doesn't use human forms commonly but when she does they are female in design.  Typically larger to cut down on the heat problem; maybe 5'11" or 6' ish.  Long flowing hair in reds and auburns.  Skin darker, suntanned and copperish.  Her eyes remain a solid black -- no whites.
        She tends to large boned, big handed and footed shapes.  Even when
human, there is something that says 'worker/fighter' about her.  She has trouble appearing as a refined 'lady' in any form.

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