"Sloggon critted-up piece of shondo TAT!"

Age: 21  Height: 5'8"  Weight: 130 lbs. 

Physical Description: D.T. is dirty, rumpled and disheveled. Personal hygene is wa-ay down on her list of priorities. She has short butchered blond hair that looks like she cut it herself with a laser cutter (she did.) Her stained grey coveralls will only be replaced when they are too stiff to move in. Her worn workboots are indeterminate in color because of the layered effect of the chemical spills upon them. And yes, D.T. does smell - of oil, of smoke, and of sweat. But, of course, it doesn't bother her so why should she care?

D.T. is also chronically disorganized, though she will swear that she knows where everything is. Consequently, she will constantly have small tools poking out of various pockets or tucked behind her ears and pockets full of various nuts and bolts, power cells or detonaters. She is also not terribly safety concious and not that protective of her tools. Therefore, her stuff will be in various states of effectiveness or ability.

Demeanor: D.T. is pretty thoroughly conciousless. She has no opinion on the Republic/Empire situation though she personally doesn't want to work for the Empire. She sees no point in making laws about machines and what they can/can't do and what is safe or not. She feels that we're all adults here and caveat emptor and all that. While she doesn't actually set out to hurt people and in is no way a sadist, she really cares so little about her fellow sentient beings that she will trod right over them if they're not personal friends. She is very much a grudge keeper and will remember those who cross her.

On the good side, D.T. makes friends easily, likes to party (really - a whole lot), and is willing to jump into any kind of mechanical/technical discussion at the drop of a hat. She is constantly involved in the "garage sabacc" games around the galaxy. These are small games set up in the back of various repair shops where the "wagers" are pieces of "salvaged" equipment in various states of repair (ala Benny and June.)

D.T. also has very loose ideas about property, whether her own or anyone else's. She will often not charge or barter for her services as a tech, and she WILL pick up any loose equipment (meaning not locked down) that she sees lying around.

Background: D.T. is one of human "colonists" from Celanon. She grew up in a poorer part of Celanon City amongst the junk and debris of the Rebellion, the Colonial War, and a hundred other battles. (Kind of like growing up in Okinawa.) Her mother was poor and occupied with raising a large family. Her father was absent. While D.T. never felt neglected, she did come to spend larger and larger amounts of her time hunting up and repairing machines of various types. She is entirely self-taught and therefore has some rather radical ideas about appropriate and safe repairs. She also has learned a great deal about improving or surpassing a machine's orginal design specs.

Last year, D.T. had the luck (maybe) to stumble across an abandoned life-pod that had been downed in the wilds. After cleaning out the remains of the last pilot, D.T. set about seeing what she could do with the battered life-pod. Unfortunately, she could do real well. In the middle of a engine-test, the pod, with D.T. stuck inside, managed to launch and achieve escape velocity before running completely out of fuel. Again, with mixed luck, the pod collided lightly against a passing star freighter, the Feldspar.

The captain of the Feldspar was NOT amused at the damage the life-pod caused (which really wasn't that much). The added trouble of having to rescue an endangered "space vessel" (this close to Celanon, a lapse in space lane protocol would have been noted) only served to convince the Feldspar's Captain that D.T. "owed" her. Consequently, D.T. was stuck in a perfectly legal one year indenture as the Feldspar's mechanic.

As the Feldspar was a small tramp freighter with no fixed routes, it was at this time that D.T. started making friends among the technicians of the various spaceports, became a minor player in the "garage sabacc" games, and generally started getting some exposure to the "looser" ethics of the fringe businesses. Now D.T.'s indentureship is over, and she is ready to take the universe on - on her own terms.

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