Thalia of Hendrake


        Thalia's most common human form is that of a young lithe/athletic woman with Asian features and coloring.  She occasionally wears a taller, stronger looking male form, similar in coloring, age and facial features.   Other less used human forms include a tall and powerfully built Nubian style female, and a small Hispanic female child.
        Combat forms are often feathered and clawed, resembling large ravens or crows.  Non-human forms include a column of black fire approximately 4-5 feet in height and 1-2 feet in diameter as well as a variety of non-descript inanimate objects -- small chests, chairs, boulders, etc.


        Thalia has trained as a spy/assassin in a variety of milieus.  She has strong observational skills -- picking up details quickly out of disorder, sharpening her senses drastically and using all her senses in a variety of situations
        She speaks/reads a wide variety of languages, both cross-shadow and unique to shadow.  She is also familiar with a variety of 'battle languages', hand-gestures or signal codes designed to communicate covertly or in the midst of a pitched battle.
        While Thalia has very limited 'musical' skills, she can identify and emulate most accents fairly quickly.  She can carry a decent tune when singing, but doesn't play any instruments regularly or well.
        Her warrior's training was with a variety of weapons, sword primarily, but she is also familiar with personal firearms, a variety of knives - both throwing and stabbing, hand held missile weapons such as darts or shiriken, and blunt weapons such as nunchaku, bo staffs and full size staffs.  Sword preferences are for smaller flat-bladed weapons such as scimitars, sabers or ninju-tos.
        She is very formidable with entrapment weapons such as whips, lassos, bolas and the kawanaga.  In fact, she has trained extensively in using her sourcery to stiffen fabric such as sashes or scarves into both entrapment and penetration weapons.
        Thalia has fairly limited piloting/riding skills for someone of her age.  She can ride equines and drive most internal combustion automobiles, but she has not piloted any form of aircraft often, nor ridden too many exotic beasts.  She prefers to control her own movement and therefore is very adept at walking, running, summoning filmies or strands to get where she wants to be.
        Thalia has strong concealment skills as well, knowing how to 'hide' in a variety of situations from a variety of observation techniques, including some magical ones.  Trained so, she is also adept at locating or noticing things that are hidden.  She can move quietly and covertly with ease, even when not Spectred.
        When she wishes it, Thalia has the presentation skills to make herself the center of attention.  She can project her voice to command notice and change her carriage/posture to project confidence and strength.  She knows dress and deportment for a variety of situations and is very familiar with body language and the more subtle forms of communication.  She is well versed in societal proprieties and court etiquette.
        Despite this, Thalia is primarily a lone operative.  She can coordinate in a group but prefers to work on her own -- deep undercover.  Her hobby is collecting things -- shiny things and secrets.


    Thalia is familiar with modern Hong Kong/ Singapore type shadows, though she has stayed away from Corwin's Earth.  Other than that she prefers more 'insubstantial' shadows -- places that are shifting and dark.  And preferably either dangerous, forbidden or both.
        She has spent some time around the Hendrake House but she has spent it mostly hiding in the corners or poking around where she shouldn't be.

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