"The spider's touch, how exquisitely fine!
Feels at each thread, and lives along the line."

- Alexander Pope


I am Tameetha, no man's child and daughter of no woman. I have lived my handful of decades alone - as I wished. My companions were the wind, the mountain, the darkness and the creatures who shared those places with me. But now the hand of Amber has reached forth to draw me to its bosom. Strange new worlds, strange new peoples. But none stranger than I.

Trump Description

Tameetha is pictured leaning against a rough-hewn stone wall. Just over her right shoulder is a stained-glass window, depicting a black spider on a primastic field. Her arms are crossed before her, her right hand holding an ornate dagger, point down. She is wearing a silk shirt of a rich royal purple. It is held down by a wide black belt with a silver buckle. Tight, black, lace-up pants can barely be seen at the bottom of the card.


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Howdy! I'm Leslie, long time RPG gamer and new computer user. I have the luck to be rapturously married to a fellow gamer and SF/F fan. Between the comic books, the novels, the toys and the videos, there's *just* enough space to reach the computer. My husband and I have collaborated on a number of games, one graphic novel and an 8 year old monster destined to flatten Tokyo.


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