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If you are a player in Peter Fredick & David Blue's
"Patterns 3.1" Amber Diceless RPG -- 
Please think carefully before reading the following. 
This and the other pages of this site contain
information about the character and game that is still
classified with regards to other characters.

Physical Description:

       Human -- Rio's common human form is that of a young woman, sparkling alive with laughter and passion.  Deep black eyes glint out from under lush eyelashes.  A Spanish nose, high rounded cheekbones, wide expressive lips combine with a heart-shaped face to create a visage as unique as it is beautiful.  Her raven hair is worn jauntily short.
          Rio's skin is the warm golden brown of a dedicated sun-worshipper over an olive complexion.  Her body flows in the lean lines of a swimmer though there is no doubt at *all* that she is feminine.  Long legs, high tight ass, lithe arms, small budding breasts, Rio looks like the athlete she is.

          Weir -- As a wolf, Rio is mottled powder grey on belly and paws, a dark steel gray over back and tail.  Blending into the shadows, her camouflage is a floating mist.  She has small paws and long legs, creating the impression of an elegant fleeting vision.  Her face is well formed -- delicate muzzle, quizzically pointed ears -- the coloring a bit asymmetrical so that one black eye is
surrounded by darkness, the other by light.
          In Weir form, Rio is at her fiercest.  Her teeth and claws are incredibly strong.  Her senses become heightened and her fur provides a modicum of armor.  It is as a wolf that Rio prefers to enter dangerous or combat situations.

          Rio laughs often and heartily.
          She unconsciously poses, as she learned human behavior by observation and expects others to be observing her.
          When thinking, Rio stares 'off into space' and becomes very *very* still.
          Rio is a very 'touchy, feely' person.  She strokes, rests hands on others' shoulders / arms / thighs, holds hands / links arms, hugs easily, 'bumps into', etc.

          Tropical colors and tropical fashions.  And little enough of those when the occasion warrants.  Rio is most comfortable in a string-less bikini top of ruby, a matching thong, and a hip wrap of white with large ruby flowers on it.  If she can get away without shoes, she will.  (BTW -- the girl looks *awesome* in a sleeveless, legless wet suit. ;)
          Formal occasions find her in jewel tones and sequins.  She is not one for feather boas, stoles and such.  Simple elegant lines are more her style.  The package is fine enough that it doesn't need to be over-wrapped.
          Any jewelry she wears is a gift that she is wearing only to compliment it's giver.  Once that's no longer necessary, the jewelry disappears.  Make-up is likewise minimal. 

Psychological Description:

          At the core of her being, Rio is a wild supernatural creature.  Her earliest memories are of verdant green, scent landscapes, thin mountain air, the taste of blood, the feel of the wind through her fur and *no* words or linear thoughts.  Thereafter her mindset has stayed rather primal and wild, even though she has 'grown' into a human lifestyle.
          Rio doesn't feel any need to define what type of being she is, she just knows that she is not human and that she is extremely comfortable as a wolf.   Though she is obviously not just a wolf either.  Other shapes came later in her life, and hold almost no personal identification.
          From the wolf in her, Rio has developed both a ruthlessness and a savage nobility.  She believes that all humans are the same, not differentiating between a street prostitute and a Don.  However, both are cattle fenced in by their own laws and desires, to be used by Rio as she sees fit.
          And what she wants from them is their beauty.  Unlike cattle, humans create such... beauty.  And Rio is irresistibly drawn to that.  The street prostitute's life of passion and immediacy.  The Don's accumulation of wonderful toys.  Rio is especially fond of artists and art-collectors.  However, Rio is not so much drawn to actual things, as to the experiences they engender.  Once a moment or relationship is over, Rio tends to lose, give away or cache the
left-over presents and things given to her.
          Also from the wolf comes a sense of 'pack', combined with a fierce independence.   Packs usually center around a current lover and his circle.  Though Rio's packs tend to be temporary -- as, after all, they're human and she is not.  Rio is intensely loyal to a current pack, to the point of murder.  However, her sense of independence means that she will not shield or help a packmate from what she considers the consequences of their own folly.

          At the beginning, Rio's lifestyle was that of any wild creature, surviving on the mountain slopes and within the fringes of the verdant rainforest.  Hunting and being hunted -- not very successfully.  :)
          As she grew, she began to notice the incursion of humanity into the wilds and became fascinated with humans.  A shift of shape and she was among them, quickly picking up the rudiments of language and social order.
          She made her way from the rural and poverty stricken outskirts of civilization to the urban and poverty stricken streets of the concrete jungle.  There she learned her lessons of haves and have nots.  And quickly determined where she wanted to be.
          She dedicated herself to learning the finer graces as well as learning what makes men tick.  And soon became so proficient at the latter that her life came to her by way of various lovers and providers without her having to work or even ask for it.
          For the last few decades, Rio has lived a whirlwind life among the bon vivants and high societies of Tierra del Sol y Sombre as a 'kept' woman.  However, Rio's expertise and cunning is enough that she determines who keeps her and for how long.  She gives good value by bringing life and passion to all around her.  And the hint around her of something wild adds spice.  Rio is also strong enough to make sure that none of her providers ever 'own' her.  Any
attempt to cage her is bound to have a fatal result for the potential 'owner.' 
           Rio is intensely primal, not caring for laws or morality, and not
understanding the concept of innocent or bystander.  Life happens to everyone, and danger only adds spice.  Because she often reacts as a wild supernatural creature, Rio can be ruthless, cruel and her sexual mores are non-existent.
          In her past, she has stolen, murdered, done illicit substances by the boatload, been responsible for deaths by carelessness, raped, etc. etc.  However, that same supernatural creature brings to the people she loves -- and yes, she does *love* them, if only briefly -- a gift of life, passion, exuberance and tenderness.  She is bright, lively and up for anything -- sweeping away the cobwebs of ennui and anxiety like they were never there. 
          Rio is an artist of the moment, the experience.  Moonlit nights, learning love in the rippling waters of a white beach, serene and holy.  The warmth and comfort of a fire, exquisite brandy, the companionship of a beautiful woman blending into a golden and divine contentment.  The fierce hunt through a verdant jungle, uncertain of who is the hunter and who is the hunted, adrenaline
thrill rush of pounding life.
          Rio lives to create these moments, these experiences.  And to share them with those around her.
          And *if* a current lover is someone Rio feels comfortable and secure with, she has even let hints of the mystery that is herself come out.

          New physical experiences
          Adrenaline rushes
          Beautiful pure moments

          Passive entertainments -- especially electronic ones
          Cages / Boundaries
          Supersonic Noises :)

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