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Florimel -- Surviving in an Uncertain World

 1. Which Elder do you want to play?

        Florimel.  Flora.  Daughter of Rilga and Oberon.  Full sister to Gerard and Julian.  Princess of Amber.  And various and sundry other things.  :)

2. How do you envision this Elder just before Eric acquired the Regency of Amber?

        To put it immodestly, scared shitless.
        Flora grew up between the rock of her God of a father and King, and the hard place of her older, stronger, malicious and contentious siblings.  She feels that her entire life has been filled with and ultimately influenced by violent  competitive men.  While her sisters have made what accommodations they could to this -- none of their paths seemed available, or even that appealing, to Florimel.
        Deirdre got in there and wrestled with the boys on their own terms.  And what did it get her?  Always being tied up, pawned off and left behind.  No, thank you.
        Fiona?  Beat the boys in matters most arcane and powerful.  Her fate?  Labeled a queen bitch, avoided by one and all to eventually become someo ne incapable of love or being loved.  Uh-uh.  Not for Flora.
        Llewella -- oh, please.  Hiding away in her books, ignoring the real world.  Even if Flora *did* have the out of a conveniently not-Amber home to grow up in, she wouldn't have chosen that.
        So now Oberon's youngest daughter had to figure out on her own, how to survive among siblings who think throwing knives at one another is just good clean fun.  Obviously the *best* way to survive was to be harmless.  So Florimel perfected the harmless act.  (Notice that she is the *only* Amberite with a nickname. :)
        'Flora could never betray you -- she's too stupid.  She could never threaten you -- she's too weak.  She could never harm you -- she's too ignorant.'   And it is very *very* important to Florimel that the all of her older, larger, knife-wielding siblings continue to believe that.
        However, it is not a stupid person who can convince Eric and Fiona that nothing goes on in that red-blonde head of hers.  It is not a weak person who survives the gauntlet of Amber's royalty.  And it is not an ignorant person who, with a few tears, points Corwin in the direction of the throne.
        Florimel is very, very subtle.  She knows she can't steer her siblings with words -- they're too savvy for that.  But she can steer them by their moods.  The arena of emotions is where the big, macho, violent guys are at their weakest and Florimel -- the stunningly beautiful helpless woman -- is at her strongest.
        If Flora wants people around her sad, then they are sad.  And soon mired in their own depression.  If she wants them happy, then they laugh.  And can come to -- if not forgiveness -- then at least understanding.  And if she wants them focused and ambitious?  She'll find a way.  After all, Flora can politick with the best of them -- she just does it on a plain that most of the action guys don't notice.
        And she has to manipulate, after all, if she wants to stay a living, breathing Princess of Amber.  But if she takes direct action, it would totally blow the 'helpless' cover, thus Florimel -- Amber's emotional Machiavelli.
        As for her own agenda beyond survival, Flora wants something very simple.  She wants peace.
        Florimel wants it quiet and stable.  She wants a strong authority figure (Daddy) making everything alright.  She wants to see what her siblings would be like if they weren't all feverishly clawing at one another for Dad's attention. (Something she secretly desires more than anything but has never had -- as she doesn't have the stomach to wade into the bloody fray.)
        She wants to love and to be loved.  She wants to laugh and dance and to be not scared.  She wants to not have to worry about the knives in the night.
        Florimel knows that may seem childish to some.  But she doesn't think it's any more childish than wanting to be the biggest and the best.  Or wanting something merely because someone else has it.  She's also fine with the fact that her big ambition doesn't quite fit the Amber profile.  But she keeps her agenda to herself.  She knows what her Machiavellian siblings would do to a peacenik.
        And things were *definitely* not peaceful and quiet before Eric's regency.  Dad was missing -- something that sent cold stark terror sleeting through Florimel.  Eric was getting all pushy -- and you didn't mess with Eric if you wanted to continue breathing.  Corwin had popped up a couple of decades earlier, but had even more screws loose than usual.  Or did he?  Brand was in one of his 'torture the housepets' moods.  Fiona was definitely up to something --
made you want to count your servants, twice.  Random had pissed off Dad so much that the kid had split in a screaming blue funk.  Benedict was 'dead.'  Caine was being all Caine, except no one was stopping him this time.  Julian was acting even more evil than usual.  Thank goodness, Gerard seemed to be retaining some semblance of sanity.  But staying home was just... not a smart option.
        And on top of that, Eric had turned one of her favorite playgrounds into a prison -- 'give me regular reports'.
        It was enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

3. Assuming the character has no memory of his/her persona or of Amber (an only a subconscious imprint of his or her personality), how do you see you character living in a film noir setting?

        As stereotyped as it may be -- torchsinger.  Flora was meant to be admired and protected.  That's the niche she's made herself for and the place she's most comfortable in.
        Flora would need the eyes and the love of the audience to tell her that she's a good and valid person.  She would need the music and the clubs to let her know that she's alive.  She would need the protection and direction of a strong -- well, honestly, a series of strong men, to keep her safe and give her the order she craves.
        And if the cost of that is to let her keepers think that she is a mindless plaything, well she certainly knows how to do that.  Until such time as it's necessary to arrange a different keeper ala 'The Postman Always Rings Twice.'
        Despite the above reference, I don't really see Florimel as a femme fatale. She has a real desire to love and be loved -- not just to live the good life.  But if Flora were threatened, then she'd definitely get fatale all over whoever was threatening her.  As odd as it may seem -- I see her more as a Jessica Rabbit type "I'm not bad.  I'm just drawn that way." than an dark seductress.

4. After fifty years, the character's memories are restored. How is your character changed?

        It's hard to say.  I'd have to know what happened in those fifty years.  But I suspect, that Florimel might start realizing that the peaceful, happy, orderly place she's longing for and working for doesn't exist -- anywhere.  It's a fairy tale for a little girl.  At which point, she might start examining what an adult would want out of the world.

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