This site was created for use with the Amber Diceless Role-Playing System
written by Eric Wujik and published by Phage Press.
It uses concepts and names developed by Roger Zelazny in his immortal fantasy series --

The Chronicles of Amber

Collected herein are a series of 'Shadows' -- worlds created for general use within the ADRP framework. 
Since each Amber game is unique, these Shadows represent merely a generic physical reality,

leaving much of the politics, conspiracies and Royal connections to the GM..

These Shadows were created by myself, Leslie Lightfoot, based on some initial inspirations
by various GMs and fellow players -- credited where applicable.  And I hereby give permission
for their use in general gameplay.  Though, of course, I would like to be credited with their creation
and consulted before they are published anywhere other than this site.  As this page represents
an ongoing project that will probably take the rest of my unnatural life, there is only a small amount
of information here currently.  I will be adding to it as I have time, inspiration and ability..

A Simple Golden Circle

An Expanded Golden Circle

Potential Golden Circle Shadows

Other Oddities

Last updated: November 2008