An Amber Diceless Role-Playing Game

This site is dedicated to an Amber Diceless Role-Playing Campaign
GM'd by Leslie Lightfoot.

For those that might have stumbled upon this site quite unknowingly --

Amber refers to a series of fantasy novels written by Roger Zelzany,
centering around the Kingdom of Amber, the One True Realm.
A land of living avatars, high adventure and deep politicking.

Diceless Role-playing refers to an activity where a group of otherwise normal adults
(weelllll...) spends an inordinate amount of time pretending that they were other people and
engaging in all sorts of make believe high adventure and deep politicking.

GM'd refers to the person who is silly enough to try and enable all of the above.

As so, without further ado, I give you ...

Lifeblood -- The Characters

Facets -- The World

Wound -- The Campaign Logs