The "Obies"


Welcome to the Official site for the Annual Amber Awards. 

Patterned (!) loosely on the movie industry's  "Oscars", this awards "contest" is run annually
at Ambercon NW by House Lightfoot (Chris, Leslie & Nick Lightfoot).

Our mission is to recognize and possibly ridicule excellence in role-playing at Ambercon NW.

Past Winners:

          2006          2007          2008     2009


Nominations are made from Amber games actually played during one of the Slots during the relevant year of  ACNW. (Golf games, drinking games, head games etc. are not eligible.)  Each Ambercon Northwest member may submit as many nominations per category as they wish.  Please do not submit the same nominee more than once in a single category.  You may, however, submit the same nominee in a different category. 

Nomination forms, ballot boxes and rules are available at registration and in the Winery Wing near the games posting.

Presentation and Awards:

The Awards Ceremony is held during the post-convention party on Sunday.  Winners are presented with a Trump bearing the image of Oberon as the Black Rabbit  - an "Obie." Winners are also posted on the ACNW web site.

Small Print:

This "contest" (meant to be a helpful descriptor, not a legal definition) is open to all ACNW members regardless of age, rank or Shadow of origin. House Lightfoot and the "Obies" competition are not affiliated with Ambercon Northwest. ACNW organizers, volunteers, and staff of the McMenamins Edgefield are in no way responsible for its content or competence.
          Nominations, like courtesans, are judged by frequency and quality of their submission.  All entries become lost property and are tabulated non-scientifically by the Amber Northwest Academy of Skills & Silliness (A.N. A.S.S.) Decisions of A.N. A.S.S. are arbitrary and may not be appealed to any higher authority including the Unicorn, the Serpent or the Simone.  All awards have no cash value and may be declared to be non-existent.

Special thanks to - Cort Oderkirk and Chris Lightfoot for Obie Art, Simone Cooper for hosting ACNW, and the staff of the McMenamins Edgefield.