Obies - 2007

Best Original Dialogue or Quote
Winner - Jules Morley as Marcus Agrippa

Game:  The Chamber Opens
Description:  While trying to make money, Marcus discovers that 1) his rival, Marc Anthony is alive, 2) slavery is not okay and 3) e-Bay is a black market, he then states "Can we sell Marc Anthony on this Internet?"

Game:  Night of the Edwardian Dead
Nominee:  Jules Morley as Georgie Bottlesworth, omnipresent manservant
Description:  "Awfully sorry, sir, but I'm afraid Mr. Mason has been eaten by the help."

Game:  Sign of the Heffalump
Nominee:  Glen Gyldersleve as Cthuki
Description:  Faced with a wave of Heffalumps bearing down on him, Cthuki responds "I summon a non-Euclidean Cadillac of inconceivable pink."

Most Heinous Betrayal or Offense
Winner - Jason Ray as Sheriff Julian

Game:  Nine Pardners in Amber
Description:   Sheriff Julian of Amber Flats sent out a 'posse' of dead-beat townsfolk to die in an ambush.

Game:  Monster Mayhem III
Nominee:  Ben Bernard as Robert Noble
Description:  Robert's faithful servant, Pippi, had been electrocuted tyring to open a door.  Robert then used her dead body to try and smash the door down.  But when Ketz asked if he could 'have some for later', Robert replied "No, that would be disrespectful."

Game:  Resevoir Hellhound
Nominee:  Randall Trimmer as Blake
Description:  Using the dead body of a cousin to soak himself in blood so he could Trump into a burning room.  He held the dripping body over his head for added protection.

Outstanding Performance
by an Item/Creatue/Shadow in a Supporting Role
Winner - Trish Hart's 642 Sticks of Dynamite

Game:  The Sable Game
Description:  642 sticks of dynamite were placed in a UFO and detonated, leading to a cataclysmic explosion that destroyed five Shadows.

Game:  Ashes and Sparks
Nominee:  Simone as the GM of the 'adorable mewing monsters'
Description:  A plague-induced haze reduced the dark and grim monster-filled game to mewing adorableness.

Game:  Supervillany!
Nominee:  John Schippers as Dr. Demos
Description:  Dr. Demos used a paperclip and an iPod to build an EMP system so the supervillans could escape.

Most Gratuitous &/or Inappropriate Use of a Power or Ability
Winner - Yi-Mei Chng as Bernadette

Game:  Unknown
Description:  As the highest Warfare character in a deadly game, Bernadette chose kitchenware as her weapons of choice, including throwing a rolling pin to knock out an NPC who was in the center of the Pattern.  Repeated use of pie tins as missile weapons was also evident.

Game:  Brave New Savageland
Nominee:  Nick Lightfoot as Lobo
Description:  Pantsed Galactus.

Game:  Through the Door with a Gun
Nominee:  Jeremy Zimmerman as Harry Catriz, private eye
Description:  Harry concentrated a little too heavily on the sexy card of Jasra, nearly leading to a heavy-breathing Trump Call.

Special Acheivement in Spontaneous Plot Detonation
Winner - The Norovirus (accepting for the Norovirus was 'patient zero,' Guy Gascoigne-Pigford)

Game:  All of Them
Description:   "You've either had it or you're going to.  Taking out entire games with a single stroke, no one was immune to its effects."
"The virus was dropping people like flies all weekend."
"The speed and perniciousness of this virus will pas into AmberCon legend."
"Barf, barf, hork!"
"Diarrhea, vomiting and all the fun!"
Some of the games affected;
Wands of Avalon - A critical player could not start the game.  The quickly-found substitute got sick and had to leave the game half-way through.
Ultimate High School Tetsu No Sakana - Entire game had to close half-way through due to player loss.
Giants in the Playground - Lost so many players that they had to absorb...
Pinky & the Brand - Had so few players available that the game was absorbed.
Kingmaker's Shadow - Both the GM & one player were throwing up throughout the game.
Darkness Falls - Lost 3-4 players and a primary GM during play.

The Prince Brand Memorial Award for Necrotic Merit
Winner - Ben Bernard as Pippi, the Highly Annoying Personal Servant

Game:  Monster Mayhem III
Description:  Pippi, the purchased servant of Robert Noble, was highly annoylingly announcing him everywhere he went.  Pippi died or was killed by PCs no less than 13 times on camera.  Once during character description.  Pippi was...
Punted off of the Amber Castle walls
Set on fire
Blown up
Thrown onto the Pattern
Flattened by machinery
Thrown through a Trump contact, etc. etc. etc.

Game:  Hamlet
Nominee:  Stephanie Itchkawich as Claudius
Description:  Claudius was stabbled through by both Hamlet & Laertes.  He made a classic speech, cursing them both in beautifully Shakespearian language saying that Denmark was ruined and that Hamlet was unfit to rule in Iambic Pentameter.

Game:  Johann's Panzers
Nominee:   Joe Saul as Johann
Description:  He took a dead lieutenant and propped him up in the cuppola to attract snipers.  Later the head was replaced with a pumpkin.

Honorable Mentions

Best Original Dialogue or Quote

    Game:  Ashes & Sparks
    Nominee:  Jeremy Franklin as Atom, the 50's-style Cyborg
    Description:  While introducing himself to a group of unaltered Amber descendats, one pointed to the wings on Atom's helmet and asked "Are the wings functional?"
       Atom replied, "No, but I can fly."

    Game:  Ashes & Sparks
    Nominee:  Malcolm Heath as Aram
    Description:  Explaining to another character why Aram had changed his allegiance, "She's the only one who hasn't done anything, hasn't walked the Pattern & hasn't lied.  And she has a plan!"

    Game:  Aurelius
    Nominee:  Jim Holthaus as Mike Cozone and Trish ? as Jorge von Rieder
    Description:   Mike - "The Church of Protection is happy to help with a variety of Protection areas:  warding, self-defense, close protection, that kind of thing.
       Jorge - "I'm Catholic."

    Game:  Big Trouble in Little Amber
    Nominee:  Jules Morley as Floyd, Proprietor of "The King's Kitchen"
    Description:  "They're very petulant hors d'ouevres."

    Game:   Brave New Gotham
    Nominee:  Kat Lemmer as Catwoman and Jason Ray as Blade
    Description:  Catwoman - "You can't kill him - the world needs Superman!"
       Blade - "Superman is nothing to me, but another, dead, vampire."

    Game:  Burn the Land & Boil the Sea
    Nominee:  Irene Schwarting as Jaine
    Description:  "We don't need to be constrained by the truth here."

    Game:  Burn the Land & Boil the Sea
    Nominee:  Andy Blija as Billy
    Description:  "Wow.  We've now separated the team into cops and robbers."

    Game:  Chronoguard
    Nominee:  Patrick Franklin as Maevyn Succat
    Description:  "I'm just going to pop back ten minutes and shoot you if you don't cooperate."

    Game:  Dr. Who
    Nominee:  Amber Cook - GM
    Description:  "No.  Not a doctor, THE Doctor.  The One True Doctor of whom all others are mere shadows."

    Game:  Grindhouse
    Nominee:  Amy Edwards as Mistress Serpentine
    Description:  "I may only have one arm, but I can still give you the best handjob!"

    Game:  Grindhouse: Dead Center
    Nominee:  Todd Worrell as Todileus Grain
    Description:  While discovering his girlfriend has been changed into a zombie, Todileus says "Well, she likes to eat brains and she might be a zombie.  But she might be a gamer!"

    Game:  It's Elementary
    Nominee:  Jill Pritts as Benedict
    Description:   "I just wanted to see his (Oberon's) reaction would be if I showed up wearing Corwin."

    Game:  It's Elementary
    Nominee:  Mike Sullivan as Brand
    Description:   As Eric rehearse a concocted tale of how Oberon's very most favorite beloved son, Corwin, died, Dierdre says to Eric in a sincere and concerned voice, "Do you think Oberon will believe you?"
       Brand nearly instantly chips in with mock reassurance, "Sure!"

    Game:  It's Elementary
    Nominee:  Todd Worrell - GM
    Description:  In a 100 pt game, Corwin has bee stabbed, hacked, bludgeoned, choked, thrown to piranhas, hanged, drowned, bludgeoned again, harpooned, fallen off a cliff, dismembered and eaten by Hellhounds...
       Player 1 (cheerily) - "So Corwin had 100 pts of Endurance!"
       Player 2 (enviously) - "AND Pattern."
       GM (calmly & reasonably) - "AND 50 pts of Bad Stuff."

    Game:  Monster Mayhem III
    Nominee:  Leslie Lightfoot as Keilani, first ranked in Strength
    Description:  GM - "You're blind.  You can't see."
       Leslie - "No problem.  I just start swinging."

    Game:  NINF - Breaking & Enterting
    Nominee:  Sara Muerller, GM, as Bleys
    Description:  "You have my attention, you can get to the point at any time.  No offense but the tenterhooks are starting to chafe."

    Game:  Nine Pardners in Amber
    Nominee:  Jason Ray as Sheriff Julian
    Description:  While discussing the health of the local men with Doc Gerard, Sheriff Julian comments "We don't have the clap here, we have full standing ovations!"

    Game:  The Professionals
    Nominee:  Mickey Schultz as Miyako
    Description:  With a gun pressed to the back of a PCs neck, Miyako says, "Split-u?"

    Game:  The Professionals
    Nominee:  Kai Ford as Damien
    Description:  Kai , OOC - "I'm too pretty to die."

    Game:  The Professionals
    Nominee:  Mickey Schultz as Miyako
    Description:   During the denouement of the game, Miyako turns to Damien and says, "You teach-u me French?"

    Game:  Pulp Chaos 3
    Nominee:  Karrin Jackson as Vinny & Jeremy Zimmerman , GM, as Tony
    Description:  Vinny - "Tony, go be a presence downstairs."
       Tony - "Sure thing, boss.  I love presents."

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Thaddeus Rice as Merlin
    Description:  To Benedict at the end of the game - "I"ll be sitting on his lap."

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Karrin Jackson as Martin
    Description:  Describing Merlin's arrival, Karrin - "It's scary cousin bad touch."

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Thaddeus Rice as Merlin
    Description:  "Hey Bleys, what happened to your money?  You haven't even finished your fruity drink yet."

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Thaddeus Rice as Merlin
    Description:  PC - "I heard that Martin & Llewella are from Rebma.  Where's that?"
       Merlin - "That's where your poop goes."

    Game:  Save the Universe
    Nominee:  Lee ? as Rodrigo and Jim Holthaus, GM, as Dworkin
    Description:  Regarding capturing the unicorn, Rodrigo says "I'm sorry, Dworkin, I can't do it!"
       Dworkin - "Yeah.  I couldn't do her anymore either."

    Game:  Save the Universe
    Nominee:  Amber Cook as ? and Jim Holthaus, GM, as Dworkin
    Description:  Amber - "Does he have any sort of aura about him that says 'Dworkin?'"
       GM - "No, he has an aura that says 'hermit.'"

    Game:  In Shadows & Prisms
    Nominee:  James Arnoldi as Rao, envoy of Despair
    Description:  Envoys of the Endless are being attacked by weird gothc hard rock band members who have changed into rudimentary sentient weapons.  During the fight, Rao asks, "Did somebody kill the cannon?  I want the cannon alive to watch what I do to the machine guns."

    Game:  Sign of the Heffalump
    Nominee: Melissa Kocher as Maggie the Magpie
    Description:   King Lion - "By Royal Decree, Pi is now 3.14."
       Alexander Robin, the Fractioneer: - "What about the 159?"
       Cthuki - "That's the remainder."
       Maggie the Magpie - "You have leftover Pi!"

    Game:  Ultimate High School Testu No Sakana
    Nominee:  Don Ide, GM, as Black Shadow Clan Leader
    Description:  "Why are you being served by the Math Club?"

    Game:  Ultimate High School Testu No Sakana
    Nominee:  Randall Trimmer as Takashi
    Description:  "I'm proud of my stick.  It will not be removed!"

    Game:  Ultimate High School Testu No Sakana
    Nominee:  Don Ide, GM
    Description:  "The ninja are evolving."

    Game:  Wands of Avalon
    Nominee:  Mickey Schultz, GM
    Description:  As the GM was heading into a conference with a player, another player noticed the sequins on her jeans.  Mickey responded with "That's why my butt is sparkly.... because I got tired."

    Game:  Wands of Avalon
    Nominee:  Yi -Mei Chng as Professor Patrick Shaunnessey
    Description:  "Owls do not traditionally change shape like that."

    Game:  When Darkness Falls
    Nominee:  Murray Whittle
    Description:  "I give Kris a hard shove.  If she doesn't move, I give her a prick."

Most Heinous Betrayal or Offense
    Game:  Brave New Gotham
    Nominee:  Jason Ray as Blade
    Description:  Superman was turned into a vampire.  While many of the PCs were attempting to stop him and de-vamp him, to Blade he was only another vampire - and therefore was killed.

    Game:  Neither Rewards Nor Punishments
    Nominee:  Eric Todd as Random
    Description:  All 8 players, gods of the new-born world, agreed on a course of action to guide the creationand development of their people.  7 went back on their word, betraying Random.

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Andy Blija as Bleys
    Description:  Bleys entered the room wearing a bright orange coat made from the skins of twenty different endangered species.

    Game:  Son of the Seven Deadlies
    Nominee:  Amy Edwards as "Essence" Sawall
    Description:  Trumping to the "Source of the Pattern," Essence found Dworkin.  Dworkin did not know the location to which the Primal Pattern had been moved, or of the Jewel of Judgment.  So Essence, who wished to destroy the Pattern and return to Primal Chaos said, "Then you are no longer of avy use to me," and shot 3 times, killing Dworkin.  Which pretty much began the destruction of  the universe.

    Game:  Supervillany
    Nominee:  Steve Acton as Faust
    Description:  After agreeing to bind the archange Michael for Lucifer, Faust tried to bind Michael for his own use.  Lucifer did not approve.

Outstanding Performance by an Item/Creature/Shadow in a Supporting Role

    Game:  Betrayal of Castle Amber
    Nominee:  Amy Edwards, GM, for Benedict's bloody deflowered lance
    Description:  Bleys seemed to have too solid a grip on this one.

    Game:  Big Trouble in Little Amber
    Nominee:  John Kim as Harry the Wolf-Spider
    Description:  Harry, the terrified 3-foot-tall wolf-spider, beat an opponent twice his size in a gladitorial cage match.

    Game:  Brave New Gotham
    Nominee:  Baytor the Fire Demon
    Description:  "I am Bayor!"  Need I say more?

    Game:  Grindhouse
    Nominee:  Thaddeus Rice, GM
    Description:  The title monster in "Chain Gang Amazons vs. the Snake-a-gator."

    Game:  Kingmaker's Shadow
    Nominee:  Drew Wood, GM, as Commander Raziel's dead love
    Description:   Commander Raziel's dead love was variously mis-identified.
       "Across the room is your fiance, your daughter."
       "Behold the man who will marry my wife."

    Game:  Spontaneous RP Fun
    Nominee:  Karrin Jackson as Tiny, the 7-foot-tall Muscleman
    Description:  Tiny was variously described as,
       "The Meat Stack"
       "The Steak Puppy"
       "Seven Feet of Washboard Abs in Liquid Latex"
    Game:  Summer Queen
    Nominee:  Jason Ray's cellphone
    Description:  While in his pocket, Jason's cellphone was bumped and accidentally called his wife, Michelle, who was in another game.  Twice.  Players in the Summer Queen were able to hear the dialogue in Michelle's game.

    Game:  Supervillany
    Nominee:  John Schippers as Dr. Demos
    Description:  Beautifully role-played evil.  Especially noteworthy was his 'mascot-ization' of an NPC therapist, who got deliberately dragged along on sprees of destruction and murder, so that he could understand fully what progress he had helped his patient achieve.

Most Gratuitous and/or Inappropriate Use of a Power or Ability

    Game:  Big Trouble in Little Amber
    Nominee:  Jules Morley as Floyd, Proprietor of "The King's Kitchen"
    Description:  Fiona, the "Dragon Lady," is about to behead a PC with a cleaver.  Floyd distracts her with his superb cooking skill.  "Stop!  That's completely the wrong knife to use for cutting meat.  Here, use this!"

    Game:  Neither Rewards Nor Punishments
    Nominee:  Thadeus Rice as Corwin
    Description:  Thadeus spent a tiny amout of Ultimate Cosmic Power (tm) to ensure that Oberon died over several years of syphilis.

    Game:  Spontaneous RP Fun
    Nominee:  Madeline Ferwerda as Naomi, the Singing Sparrow
    Description:  Naomi used her knowledge of sonic resonance and her chirping soprano to literally bring the house down.

Special Achievement in Spontaneous Plot Detonation

    Game:  Those Kids & Their Jungle Dances
    Nominee:  Leslie Lightfoot as Fiona
    Description:  For throwing caution to the wind and telling the long lost daughter of Dworkin, in reference to Pattern Manipulation near Chaos, "You're poaching.  You can't do that here."

    Game:  Monster Mayhem III
    Nominee:  The Players
    Description:  Confronted with Brand's Laboratory to explore, they destroyed the tower by channeling the Font of Power into an electrofied door, resulting in a 100-ft crater and a 50-ft pillar of fire.

The Prince Brand Memorial Award for Necrotic Merit

    Game:  Grindhouse: House on the Hill
    Nominee:  James Arnoldi as Roger Ashtin for dispatching Todd Worrell as Evan Walker
    Description:  After the head of the dead cameraman falls through a hole in the floor right into Roger's hands, Evan looks down the hole and - snick - there goes his head right after.

    Game:  The Professionals
    Nominee:  Bernie as John (Chow Yun Fat) and Ogre as Toshi
    Description:  Running a beautifully choreographed gun battle through a graveyard, complete with flying doves as Toshi dies.

    Game:   Through the Door with a Gun
    Nominee:  Madeline Ferwerda, GM
    Description:  Kereina, the demon bartender, was found in her slum apartment with her throat sliced wide open and blood spattering the walls.  The Diego police ruled it suicide.

Thanks to all who made the 2007 Obies the great fun they were.