Obies - 2006

Most Gratuitous Use of Trump
Winner - Louisa McGuiness (and Chris Lightfoot) as Tamara and Jason

Game:  Revenge of the Babysat
Description:  Using Turmp to hold a half-hour conversation with eight different people - while separated by one closed door.

Game:  Unknown
Nominee:  Denise Thiessens as Alexia
Description:  Alexia opened a door to the infirmary and said "We'll be having a private conversation."  Then she closed the door and had Random Trump everyone out because, in her case, one closed door wasn't privacy enough.

Game:  Murmurs of the True Earth
Nominee:  Nathan Beardsley as Malcolm
Description:  While refusing to Trump his mother Fiona in the middle of the universe dissolving, he Trumps Benedict.  The GM still isn't sure why.

Best Original Dialogue or Quote
Winner - Mike Sullivan as Urthscmug

Game:  Karm vs Osric
Description:   Urthscmug - "Tell me what is holding you here and I will destroy it."
     Faiella - "Love."
     Urrscmug - "Very well.  I will find and destroy Love, then."

Game:  Afraid of No Ghost
Nominee:  John Worsley as Zach
Description:  In response to an attempt to describe a gooey, oozing mass, Zach said "As long as it's mucilaginous, I don't care."

Game:  Big Damn Heroes
Nominee:  Richard Johnson as Jack Chen
Description:  "Can't we just shoot everybody who isn't us?"

Most Heinous Betrayal or Offense
Winner - Brian Sullivan as Cyrus Rosewood

Game:  Karm vs Osric
Description:  Killed his best friend/ally, Lir, by crushing his head underneath his boot twelve seconds after Lir became King of Rebma, for sleeping with his wife .

Game:  Auellis
Nominee:  Tim Hart - GM as NPC General Mayer
Description:  A GM with a British accent doing a character with a Southern accent making it sound like the perfect Mid-Western accent.

Game:  Afraid of No Ghost
Nominee:  Lee Bynum as Skid "Row"
Description:  "Where did the trains go!?"  Skid could handle the demonic crowd, the flying corvette, the bleeding tree, the attacking fur coats but just trump somewhere and lose the trains?  That's disharmonic, dude!

Most Creative Interpretation of a
Canon Character or Concept

Winner - Trish Hart as Captain Jack

Game:  Dr. Who:  Like Flies in Amber
Description:  Faced with the question of how to retrieve the TARDIS from the middle of the Pattern, Trish said, "I put on the full Captain Jack charm and try to seduce the Pattern."

Game:  Whose Logrus is it Anyway?
Nominee:  Cort Oderkirk as Deela the Descatrix
Description:  As a contestant in the improv game, "Let's make a Treaty" - "My people were raped, killed and their civilization destroyed.  Ambassador #2, what do you like to do in your spare time?"

Game: Random's Regular Game
Nominee:  Casey de Groef as Julian
Description:  There's nothing like hearing Julian call someone else a "pussy."

Best Improvised Storyline
based upon an Unexpected Plot Twist

Winner - Bernie Hsiung as Quinn

Game:  Karm vs Osric
Description:  Placing baby Prince Eric (age 1) in a centrifuge to spin a Jewel out of his bowels.

Game:  Primetime Adventures
Nominee:  Pol Jackson - GM
Description:  Pol reworked the whole game after the 1st hour.

Game:  Karm vs Osric
Nominee:  Debra Donoghue as Lady Cynthia Rosewood
Description:  Great accolades must be paid as she handled the unpredictable fey Queen Faiella with aplomb, diplomacy and repeated interventions to keep people clothed.

Outstanding Performance
by an Item/Creatue/Shadow in a Supporting Role

Winner - James Arnoldi as Baytor the Fire Demon

Game:  Brave New Krypton
Description:  Baytor, a small Fire Demon that's pretty much all mouth, knew only one phrase:  "I am Baytor."  So other players had to determine it's response by facial expression.

Game:  Julian Morley as Bad Penny
Nominee:  Amber's Home for Imaginary Friends
Description:  Because someone once said "That child is a bad penny," Fiona's imaginary friend was Bad Penny - a short, misshapen version of Oberon from the image of him on a penny that had taken the blame for all the bad thing Fiona did as a child.

Game:  Plainfields Manor
Nominee:  1995 Woodward Canyon Chardonnay as an Appetizer / Mingletime Wine
Description:  "I fully intend to pay the points to make this wine ubiquitous through Shadow."

Honorable Mentions

Most Gratuitous Use of Trump

    Game:  Fionastein
    Nominee:  Jennifer Edwards and Irene Schwarting as Doctor Nynae and Desdemona
    Description:  Used the power of Trump to commit genocide across all of Shadow.

    Game:  Slot Zero
    Nominee:  Pol Jackson as Pete McGrinsky
    Description:  Exploding a flamethrower while trying to burn a possessed Jack of Diamonds.

Best Original Dialogue or Quote
    Game:  The 4400
    Nominee:  John Randall as Felix Aguilar, the ex-DEA agent
    Description:  NPC Lisa - "How can you trust 'them'?  'They sent back mass murders and serial killers!"
       Felix (in a bad Columbian accent) - "AND pyschopathic veterinarians.  Now put down the acid!"

    Game:  Afraid of No Ghost
    Nominee:  Kingsley Lintz
    Description:  "You were mainlining CREAMED CORN!?"

    Game:  Aurellis
    Nominee:  Tim Hart and Don Ide as NPCs
    Description:  Tim - "We don't know what happens when you fuck with it.  So don't fuck with it."
          Don - "What!  No experimentation?!"

    Game:  Comfy Night's Stay
    Nominee:  Casey de Groef as Harpest
    Description:  GM - "Where's #11 (Fiona)?"
          Casey - "She went to the potty."

    Game:  Comfy Night's Stay 2
    Nominee:  Cort Oderkirk - GM
    Description:  "Zombie Conga Line!"

    Game:  Comfy Night's Stay 2
    Nominee:  Cort Oderkirk - GM
    Description:  Clarifying the use of a spell - "No, it can only be used for malice, not ham sandwiches."

    Game:  Comfy Night's Stay 2
    Nominee:  Leslie Lightfoot and Guilia Slack as Florimel and Snow White
    Description:  Florimel - "That's "Highness" to you."
          Snow White - "Heinous?"

    Game:  Doctor Who:  Like Flies in Amber
    Nominee:  Eric Florentz as Joe Biodome
    Description:  The Doctor hands another female character his sonic screwdriver.  OOC, Eric says to Rose (who, along with Mickey, has expressed jealousy) - "He hasn't given YOU his screwdriver yet."

    Game:  The Florimels
    Nominee:  Lee Bynum as Warrior Princess Florimel
    Description:  "It's meant for glitter... but it works for blood."

    Game:  The Florimels
    Nominee:  Sara Mueller as Crunchy Granola Florimel
    Description:  After Fairie Princess Flora turned 'Sparklie-puff' into one of her special glittery friends, "You may have to have the cat shaved and varnished."

    Game:  Gargoyles & Grails in the Dreaming City
    Nominee:  John Randall as Crunch the Troll
    Description:  Wielding a lamp post,  "I play whack-a-mole with the Knights Templar."

    Game:  House on the Hill
    Nominee:  Jennifer Zimmerman
    Description:  "Pretty princes smash!  Pretty princes not gay!'

    Game:  Karm vs Osric
    Nominee:  Glenn Seymour as Baron Selgas Karm
    Description:  "I will speak with you more, but for now, I am an old man and must excuse myself."  Leaves for the bathroom.

    Game:  Karm vs Osric
    Nominee:  Todd Worrell & Rob Donoghue as Lir of Rebma
    Description:  "I'm wearing my formal speedo."
        Later, when confronting Oberon:  "I'm unarmed... well, there's only one weapon in this speedo."

    Game:  Karm vs Osric
    Nominee:  Rob Donoghue - GM
    Description:  To King Lir of Rebma, "What they call 'weather," you call 'litter."

    Game:  Karm vs Osric
    Nominee:  Julian Morley as Benedict
    Description:  To Finndo, "Perhaps I should just pull down my trousers and bare my buttocks so that he can take me more fully."

    Game:  Kingship & Tears
    Nominee:  Mike Sullivan as Cassius
    Description:  GM - "You can see the wheels of history are turning."
          Cassius - "Do you throw yourself under them?"

    Game:  Knights of the Silver Rose
    Nominee:  Trish Hart as Kim Clark, Litterature Detective
    Description:  "There's no way to stop them from dying, but at least we can provide them with a good after-care program."

    Game:  Knights of the Silver Rose
    Nominee:  Jenn Zimmerman - GM as Coriwn
    Description:  To Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, "You lose a tit and you get all bitter."

    Game:  Morpheus Calling
    Nominee:  Jeremy Zimmerman as Ash from the Evil Dead
    Description:  To the cackling in the background of 'Dead by dawn.  Dead by dawn.' Ash replies, "Same story.  Different week."

    Game:  The Morrigan
    Nominee:  Yi-mei Ching as Trey
    Description:  Meris - "Yeah, but all we know is war."
          Trey - "I could get to know pineapple..."  (Trey, as a gang leader in a shitty post-apocalyptic world, decides to settle down in Tahiti.)

    Game:  Nine Princes at Hogwarts
    Nominee:  John Randall as Medea Moondark
    Description:  "Now class, wat we know about vampires is... (demonstinsh appearing) ...they do not look like this."

    Game:  Nine Princesses in Rebma
    Nominee:  Rob Donoghue as Corwin
    Description:  "Caps coming through space and time to hurt me?  Sound serious!  What's next?  Forks?"

    Game:  Prime Time Adventures
    Nominee:  Thaddeus Rice - GM
    Description:  In response to "How was the game"?  "We fucking levelled!  We ALL fucking levelled!"

    Game:  Primetime Adventures
    Nominee:  Pol Jackson as Crying Man
    Description:  "It's like a truck full of cream hit a truck full of steak."

    Game:  Pulp Chaos:  The Stuff that Dreams are Made of
    Nominee: Karrin Jackson as Vinnie
    Description:  Referring to stashing the unidentified hugely powerful magic item in Vinnie's freezer, "That's where I store my meat... It's got to be explosion-proof."

    Game:  Revenge of the Babysat
    Nominee:  Carla Arnoldi as Maida, daughter of Florimel
    Description:  "Mom, I'm really tired of having to save you all the time."

    Game:  Revenge of the Babysat
    Nominee:  Pol Jackson as Reuben, son of Caine
    Description:  "I'm going to do the stupid thing and attack Zombie Benedict."

    Game:  The Seven Deadlies
    Nominee:  Guy as Mordred
    Description:  "Majordomo!  Take my son to the X-ray room.  If there is anything interesting inside him, it will be time for surgery."

    Game:  The Seven Deadlies
    Nominee:  Don Ide and Joyce Hatcher as Wrath and Lust
    Description:  Wrath - "Let's saddle some people up."
          Lust - "You!  Oil up and get saddled."

    Game:  Spontaneous RP Fun
    Nominee:  Katie Nyborg as Chitters, the Spider Alien
    Description:  "Screw you!  I'm going home and be all emo in my room.  Where the hell are my emo legs?"

    Game:  Spontaneous RP Fun
    Nominee:  Stephanie McMechan and Karin Jackson as Ellipses, "The Quiet One" and GM
    Description:  Ellipses - "What's the planet like?"
          GM - "It's a beautiful place; the sun is shining, the sky is blue - "
          Ellipses - "I go back to my room and load up on guns."

    Game:  Spontaneous RP Fun
    Nominee:  Karrin Jackson - GM
    Description:  "What can you recommend in a breakfast wine?"  &  "We had a moment... Now we have a restraining order."

    Game:  Strawberry Jam of the 100 Acre Wood
    Nominee:  Jeremy Zimmerman - GM as the Poohlander
    Description:  "There can be only one."
          "I ate all your honey."
          "Oh, bother."
          "I can feel everything.  I think I'll lay down."

    Game:  Under Endless Starlight
    Nominee:  Emma Sansome as Connie
    Description:  After ripping up a tree - "There is subtle and sorcerous."

    Game:  What's Under YOUR Bed?
    Nominee:  Leslie Lightfoot as Delphinae, daugher of Dierdre
    Description:  Protesting a complaint - "I used my fists.  I WAS being polite!"

    Game:  ?
    Nominee:  Glenn Seymour as Abundiantus
    Description:  To the faceless Tir Queen, "Random offers his solicitations and greetings."
          "That too."

Most Heinous Betrayal or Offense
    Game:  The End of the World
    Nominee:  Lee Bynum as Gwyn
    Description:  Convinced the Serpent to convince his High Priest to walk a Pattern supposedly to destroy it but actually to drain his life energy.

    Game:  The Floramelles
    Nominee:  Deboarh as Cat Fancy Flora
    Description:  Upon defeating the other players and stealing the true Flora's power, she had the rest of the characters killed off-camera via a note because she couldn't fit gloating into her busy schedule.

    Game:  Halloween Hustle
    Nominee:  Karrin Jackson as the Goblin Queen / Elf Spy
    Description:  At the moment of truth, with her dying act, the Goblin Queen / Elf Spy programmed the candy making machines to rain down on Halloweentown, candies whose messages read;
          "Vampires hate candy!"
          "Merry Christmas suckers!"
          "This candy was made with Christmas Cheer!"
          The machine exploded.  Candy rained down.  Santa was avenged.

    Game:  Karm vs Osric
    Nominee:  Joyce Hatcher as Alyra Dorr
    Description:  Alyra betraying, well, everyone.

    Game:  Murmurs of the True Earth
    Nominee:  Leslie Lightfoot as Fathom
    Description:  Her terrific description of how Jaustin, son of Finndo, had just (accidentally) killed hundreds of innocent Shadowfolk.  ("But we've all done that... at least once.")

    Game:  NINF:  Horror Rise
    Nominee:  Sara Mueller as Patrick, son of Dierder
    Description:  After trying to help his cousin, infected by a disease similar to airborne ebola, by pulling out his lungs, Patrick takes his own infected self to his girlfriend's house, infecting her and most of Amber city.  Then Logrus-infected undead Dierdre shows up and chops off his head.

    Game:  One Spikard to Rule Them All
    Nominee:  Jeremy Franklin as Mirella (Merry)
    Description:  Merry hits Pippin (Pippandam) with Sam's (Lukewise Gamgee's) shiny frying pan on the precipe of Mt. Doom.

    Game:  Primetime Adventures
    Nominee:  Deborah Donoghue as Llewella
    Description:  "It's green, so it must be mine."

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Amy Edwards as Dara
    Description:  She slept with Coriwn - how much more heinous does it get?!?

    Game:  The Seven Deadlies
    Nominee: ? as Glorfindel Dijon
    Description:  When asked if he knew about a red stone (the Jewel of Judgement), sets the Serpent in the form of a psycho killer onto the inoffensive Reg simply because he dislikes him.

    Game:  Upon a Sea of Green
    Nominee:  GM Drew as Benedict
    Description:  One of his troops - "Do not insult my family!"
          Benedict - "I do that every day."

Most Creative Interpretation of a Canon Character or Concept
    Game:  Primetime Adventures
    Nominee:  Pol Jackson as the Producer
    Description:  Edward James Olmos as Oberon

Outstanding Performance by an Item/Creature/Shadow in a Supporting Role

    Game:  Amber's Home for Imaginary Friends
    Nominee:  Julian Morley as Bad Penny
    Description:  Bad Penny, who looks like a super-deformed dwarven Oberon, drags a frying pan from Amber to the PFW, and foils Brand's trip into the Abyss with a well-placed whack.

    Game:  The Floramelles
    Nominee:  Cort Oderkirk - GM as the Magically Enchanted Cookie Counter
    Description:  "The continued sniper war between the cookie counter and the police..." GM trails off, having done a dance and a ratatatat noise.

    Game:  Karm vs Osric
    Nominee:  Todd Worsel as Lir
    Description:  Attempted to woo Lady Rosewood and Queen Faiella after his death and absorption into the Rebman Jewel with "Look!  I vibrate!"

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Don Ide as
    Description:  Several of the rather raunchy descriptions were assumed to be on Mandor's pay-per-view website,

    Game:  Separate War
    Nominee:  Glenn Seymour as Draathal, Chaosian Sorceror
    Description:  Draathal wolfed down fallen soldiers by skeletonizing them in mass-of-locust-form, then used the energy to create portions of the Black Road.

    Game:  Strawberry Jam in the 100 Acre Wood
    Nominee:  Roy Gretchfield as Timmy's Postal Mailbag
    Description:  Timmy's mailbag was transformed inside, so it included several bedrooms, offices and an unfinished pool with an Abyss at the deep end, so that the PCs could travel in style as the mailed themselves around Shadow.

Thanks to all who made the 2006 Obies the rip-roaring success they were.