Obies - 2005

Best Supporting Tyrant
Winner - John Randall as Uric the Dread Usurper

Game:  The Chronicles of Corwynne Stormlord
Description:  Eric's 6" action figure.  Every step of the way his 6" sister, Jilian would undermine him because, "We can't trust you.  It says right on your box:  'Usurper'."


Game:  Whose Throne Is It, Anyway?
Nominee:  Jenn Edwards - GM - as Dworkin
Description:  As the players are examining the 'smiley face' in place of the Pattern, Dworkin says "Welcome to my fun house!"

Game:  Out of Heaven's Hands
Nominee:  Sean McGuiness as Indichi
Description:  A healer who freed the Angel of Death from her bonds, and thereby made himself eligible to take the Throne of God.

Best Original Dialogue or Quote
Winner - Jeremy Zimmerman as Davan Maguire

Game:  Asylum
Description:  Upon discovering that he was tied to a chair:  "Before we start, I want you to know my safeword is zucchini." 
     Upon discovering that his chair had been flipped over face-first onto the floor:  "Zucchini!  Zucchini!"


Game:  ShadowWorld
Nominee:  Andi Blija - OOC
Description:  "It's like playing whack-a-mole, but with satellites."

Game:  Amber Shadows
Nominee:  John Kim as Mio
     Son of Dierdre:  "... and if we don't stop him, he will commit bloody, bloody murder."
     Mio:  "Good murder or bad murder?"

Most Heinous Betrayal or Offense
Winner - Lee Bynum as Gwen

Game:  Of Patriots & Tyrants
Description:  Funneled cursed Trump power to assist another player walking the Pattern - and thereby destroyed it.


Game:  Whose Throne Is It, Anyway?
Nominee:  Carrie Varley as Corwin
Description:  While under the influence of the lust-bespelled crown of Amber, Corwin lip-locks that 'fine figure of a man', Julian.

Game:  A Festive Romp
Nominee:  Jeremy Zimmerman - GM
Description:  From a player:  "When I signed up, it was never disclosed until FAR too late that being in his game meant also (sometimes) being in another game where we had to help pathetic sucky crap shadow versions of ourselves achieve *their* objectives.  AND we had to spend time in *their* pathetic suck version of Amber."

Special Achievement in Costuming or Props
Winner - Sara Mueller as Dixie Delaney

Game:  ShadowWorld
Description:  The $12 rhinestone jeans.  For "that southern effect."


Game:  Amber Pirates
Nominee:  Ann Sasahara - GM
Description:  Ann's Pirate Costume

Game: After all, what are friends for?
Nominee:  Amy Edwards as ?
Description:  The Halloween costume her character wore was... divine!

Best Improvised Storyline
based upon an Unexpected Plot Twist

Winner - Todd Worrell - GM

Game:  The Forms of Things Unknown
Description:  Took the scribbled line on a map drawn by another GM indicating the tunnel past the Pattern Room and used it to lead players to the source of Oberon's power.
     "That corridor in the Castle off the Pattern Room no one goes to?  Yeah, we found out.  Poor, poor Corwin."


Game:  ShadowWorld
Nominee:  Rob Haight as Duncan McArthur
Description:  Challenged Mab to a personal duel after killing the Captain of her Guard.

Game:  Of Patriots and Tyrants
Nominee:  Sean McGuiness - GM
Description:  Took advantage of a player character's attempt to be helpful by destroying her.

Outstanding Performance
by an Item/Creatue/Shadow in a Supporting Role

Winner - Emma Sansome - GM - as Marvinwheel

Game:  The Shadowwalker's Guide to the Universe
Description:  Brilliant depiction of an uber-depressed Trump Artifact.  Under-appreciated, ignored and disrespected.
     "Emma's portrayal of 'Marvinwheel', manically depressed construct with a brain the size of a shadow, was fantastic and hilarious - definitely the best of the Con."
     "Awesome performance as a depressed construct.  Emma so perfectly captured the essential element of the Marvinwheel character.  One of the characters was irritated to the point of telling Marvinwheel to SHUT UP!"
    "Set the perfect tone... Outstanding!"


Game:  Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
Nominee:  Simone Cooper - GM - as the "Corpse of Flora"
Description:  The mice crawling out of her chest cavity... brilliant!

Game:  The Silver Glass
Nominee:  Meera Barry - GM - as the Black Unicorn/Shroudling
Description:  Herding a dreamlord to inscribe/heal a Pattern of Dreams then stabs him with her horn.

Honorable Mentions
Best Original Dialogue or Quote
    Game:  The Chronicles of Corwyn Stormlord
    Nominee:  Ameer Tavakoli as Blaze the Gay Blade
            Brand:  "I don't want Blaze to screw me in!" 
            Blaze:  "Do you want someone who's never done it before?"

    Game:  Princesses in Rebma
    Nominee:  John Kim as Morganthe
            Alleya:  "Is there something important I should know?"
            Morganthe:  "No." 
            Alleya:  "So there's really nothing important."
            Morganthe:  "There's nothing important that you should know."

    Game:  Pulp Chaos
    Nominee:  Karrin Jackson as Vinnie the Bat
    Description:  "You know Dagger Ways.  It's the kind of place you crawl out of the Pits of Hell and think 'This is the kind of place I want to raise and possibly eat my young in.'"

    Game:  Merry Hell
    Nominee:  Michelle Haberman as Ulysses the Weir Ambassador
    Description:  "This is what humans *have* to learn from the Weir: if something's wrong with a cub, you gotta kill it.  If it's something you can fix by licking, great!  Otherwise, kill em."

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Casey de Groof as Julian
    Description:  "I *don't* f#ck squirrels, okay?!!!!"

    Game:  Random's Regular Game
    Nominee:  Karrin Jackson as Martin
    Description:  To Bleys - "How many times did you hit your head falling down Kolvir?"

    Game:  The Unicorn School of Trouble
    Nominee:  Leslie Lightfoot as Lydia (the Kid Who's Not Right in the Head)
    Description:  "Peanut Butter works great against stick figures but NOT against Hell Maidens."

    Game:  Whose Throne Is It, Anyway?
    Nominee:  Chris Lightfoot as Bleys
    Description:  "Strap on.  Strap off.  The Strapper."  With clapping sounds.  (referring to Random's concern that he would be "surprised from behind" by Dierdre.)

Most Heinous Betrayal or Offense
    Game:  Princesses in Rebma
    Nominee:  Lee Short as Random
    Description:  Abandoning a teenage girl to the emnity of either Bleys or Brand (or both)!

    Game:  Polaris
    Nominee:  Val Conder as Er Rai
    Description:  Left the city he was a knight guardian of because of his love for a demon princess - one of the demons assaulting the city.

    Game:  Amber That Was
    Nominee:  Jim Holthaus as Audrey
    Description:  As a Logrus-maddened Hendrake escaped the Logrus Gardens, Audrey chased him down, shot him when he climbed a tree and shot him twice more on the ground.

Best Improvised Storyline based upon an Unexpected Plot Twist

    Game:  A Symphony of Memory and Motion
    Nominee:  Louisa Djerbib and Sean McGuiness - GMs
    Description:  Beautifully dealt with an unexpected twist whereby Marius *did not* kill Peter and thus fractured reality.

Outstanding Performance by an Item/Creatue/Shadow in a Supporting Role

    Game:  Jurisfiction
    Nominee:  John Worsley as Dewey Decimal
    Description:  For best character voice as a shadow hunter in 'Circle of Ciridan.'

    Game:  Jurisfiction
    Nominee:  Chris Lightfoot as Professor Perry Altman
    Description:  Best Orator/Narrator of the Circlet of Ciridan as a character

    Game:  The Shadowwalker's Guide to the Universe
    Nominee:  Amber Cook - GM
    Description:  Amber Cook's Naming of the character "Dworkibartfast"

    Game:  Ship of State
    Nominee:  Ye Mei as Begma
    Description:  She guided Begma in the Golden Circle from Ethiopia to a Super Power.

    Game:  After all, what are friends for?
    Nominee:  Jason Ray as the Player Piano
    Description:  Tailored the music to the activity.  Awesome!!

    Game:  The Forms of Things Unknown
    Nominee:  Todd Worrell - GM - as Daisy
    Description:  Daisy - Dworkin's play-doh homunculus.  Hee, hee, hee!

    Game:  G.A.S.H. - The Great Ambercon Scavenger Hunt
    Nominee:  Trish Hart's Digital Camera
    Description:  Held 3 different needed items in its memory, including a picture of Simone Cooper of Shadow Earth.

    Game:  Being Prince Benedict
    Nominee:  Jules Morley - GM - as Alphonse the Sous-Chef
    Description:  Caine?  Sure, he's scary I guess... but Alphonse rules the kitchen.  You don't want to piss him off... well, he'll rule it once he kills off the Head Chef... and he's so STRICT!


Thanks to all who made the 2005 Obies the rip-roaring success they were.
Special thanks to Linda Cottrell and Murray Whittle for the photos.