USS James Cook

"To Sail the Farthest Reaches"

This Star Trek PBeM was set six months after the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Greyshade played Commander T'Pon Adamo, a Vulcan/Human hybrid, freshly transferred from Starfleet Intelligence to the post of First Officer on the USS James Cook. She was not particularly comfortable with the assignment, and often hid her uncertainty behind a coool Vulcan exterior and a by-the-book attitude.

The USS Cook was an exploratory vessel, very much a forerunner of the USS Enterprise-D. In its maiden voyage, the crew encountered the Letrosians, a violent, matriarchal Vulcanoid (?) race, who worshipped gods that resemble those from Old Earth Gaelic myth.  After an eventful but ultimately successful first contact, the ship was accidentally catapulted back in time to old Earth, about the era when the Letrosians' ancestors left that planet...

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Star Trek: Timelines

Time: the tide of existence. As constant as the ocean, yet as fragile as a raindrop. These are the voyages of the Starship Chronos. Its eternal mission: to safeguard the rivers of history, to patrol the shoals and currents of reality, to boldly go when no one has gone before...

The USS Chronos was a Defiant-Class starship, NX-1234, operating under the auspices of the Federation Office of Temporal Investigations (FOTI). Its was the flagship of the Star Trek: Timelines Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game, set in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine era.

Greyshade played Lieutenant Chan Agoyr, Chief Navigational and Helm Officer. Lt. Agoyr had an inborn talent for unerring stellar navigation, but in enclosed spaces his sense of direction was appalling. (Character inspiration: Ryoga Hibiki from Ranma 1/2). Chan was also naive and inexperienced in the ways of the heart, which led him to an ill-considered and unrequited crush.

During its career, the Chronos investigated the theft of a holocube, the cloning of a Commodore, and the revelation that a Starfleet Admiral was actually a shape-shifting Founder.

The game ended about the year 1999, I think. I used to have a site for Lt. Agoyr's personal logs, until Tripod ate it.

Star Trek: Final Frontier

No relation to the movie of the same name.  A PBeM following the adventures of the USS Chesapeake, NCC-1928. Greyshade does not play in this PBeM, but did design the web site...until Geocities ate it. Yes, it only took a couple of those for me to wise up and get my own domain. The only thing that survives is the logo, below.

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