Greyshade's Fakes

Below celebrity fakes (retouched photos) created by Greyshade using Paint Shop Pro. Most of these were done for various Star Trek PBeM (Play By e-Mail) games where the players wanted their characters to be portrayed by a particular actor.
Click on the photo for a full-sized view.

Captain Donavon Pierce of the USS James Cook
(John Goodman)

T'Pon Adamo
of the USS James Cook
(Lucy Lawless)

Lieutenant Chan Agoyr of the USS Chronos
(Jackie Chan)

First Mate Jaff Cobol of the Free Trader Hacker
(Kevin Bacon)

Counselor Mirifice Talt of the USS Chronos
(Susan Gibney)

A second pic of Counselor Mirifice Talt
(Susan Gibney)

Kamaria Dyzek of the USS Chronos
(Sigourney Weaver)

Lt. Commander John Mitchell USS Chronos
(Matthew Modine)

Science Officer Lt. Terry Sharpe of the USS Chronos
(Kevin Costner)

Lieutenant Padreigh O'Connell of the USS Chronos
(Emilio Estevez)

Lieutenant North of the USS Chronos
(Charlie Sheen)

Captain of the USS Chesapeake
(Harrison Ford)

An alternate universe combining the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek
and the Empire from Star Wars.
Captain Jean-Luc Skywalker? DATA-PO? Vulcan Jedi?
Haven't done anything beyond the logo with this one. Maybe someday...

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