In the heart of Alcedone, a Primal Shadow hidden from all eyes, lies the Spindle.  An ancient eldest of House Luhong -- Bifrost, Chaldrevnia artifact crafted by three of the and Mi Li -- the mid-air, slowly spinning.Spindle seems to float in

As it spins, it gathers to itself the very nature of Reality, twining Order out of Chaos.  Flowing and drifting, dancing around its shimmering length are the traces of Shadow.  Their movements reflect and define the natural drift of birth, life and death in all of Reality.

An Initiate of Spindle must join in this spinning dance without becoming trapped in the threads.  It is an arduous task and many Initiates spend decades watching the dance of the Shadows before attempting to pass through the Spindle.  When a Dragon of Luhong feels itself ready, it will slowly begin to twine around the Spindle.  At a distance first,and then closer and closer.  Moving among the drifting shadow threads until it reaches the center of the glowing artifact.  There it passes through the Golden Form as though it were a doorway.

Though few Dragons speak of it, some mention that once inside the Spindle, the Dragon finds itself everywhere and nowhere at once.  Alone in a universe of movement.  Watching a dance older than time itself. And coming to understand its own place within the enormous and intricate motion that is life.

When the successful Initiate emerges from the Spindle, it finds that it has gained the ability to 'spin Shadow'.  The unsuccessful candidate -- one who touches a thread before entering the Spindle -- finds itself trapped forever in the Shadow on whose thread it was caught.  No Dragon knows what happens to the candidates who enter the Spindle itself but never emerge.

Spinning Shadow allows a Dragon to move itself among the Shadows of Reality -- or more accurately to allow the Shadows of Reality to move aroundit until the desired Shadow appears.  And it grants some limited movement within the Shadow itself.

Dragons do not have to move their physical bodies in order to activate their Spindle-granted perceptions of the Dance of Shadows.  Instead, they merely look out from their place to the dance that is going on constantly around them.  And when the appropriate Shadow drifts across them, they merely become there, instead of here.

Waiting for an infinity of Shadow to drift by can take some time, so many Dragons prefer to Spin in several smaller dances as opposed to waiting for the large one to occur.  This is done by seeing the similaritiesof several of the Shadows that a Dragon is in, Spinning to another Shadow that has a closer similarity to the desired goal, and so, and so. Thus, 'leap frogging' across the Shadow Dance.

For example, a Dragon might desire to visit Amber.  Waiting for Amber -- a heavy and slow moving Shadow, to drift by could take centuries.  Instead, an impatient Dragon would first look for a certain type of tree, similar to those in Arden.  Once it had Spun to that tree, it would next look for a mountain, tipped like Kolvir.  Spin to that. And so on.  And so on.

The significant difference between this method of Shadow travel and Pattern or Logrus -- it that the Dragon did *not* pass through the interveningShadows.  And in many cases, the Dragon did not pass over them either.

In addition to being able to move across Shadow, the Spindle also grants the Initiate some understanding of the movement *within* a Shadow. This the Dragon can use to -- in effect -- teleport itself to any place it can see.  Again, without ever occupying the intervening space.

There are rumors that more expert practitioners of the Spinning can achieve even more spectacular feats.  Changing the dance itself. Lifting themselves out of the Spin entirely.  And other things best left alone.