Character Name: Solomon Drake

Player Name: Chris R. Lightfoot

Lineage: Grandson of Swayville, Emperor of Chaos; Son of Lord Valens and the bondservant Feng Wei of Line Luhong. Became Prince Sawall upon the death of his father.

Titles: Prince (formerly Duke) Sawall, Lord Drake of Tor, Imperial Ambassador to Amber, Captain in Hendrake Military Forces.

Personal Symbol: Black Dragon

Colors: Azure, Mauve, Coal

Crest: A field Azure, Black Dragon statent .

Battle Flag: A field Purple, Black Dragon rampant surmounting crossed lightning bolts Argent.

Physical Description: (Human Form)

Seven feet tall with jet-black skin showing small scales. Dark lavender hair, temple length at forehead flowing to shoulder blade length in back. Cobalt blue eyes flecked with silver. Ears, nose and chin are slightly pointed, no indication of facial hair. Solid frame tending to angular rather than thin. Apparent age is mid-thirties.

Mode of Dress:

Basic black goes anywhere. Prefers flowing styles: cloaks, dusters & long coats, etc. Accents with violet, blue and silver. Going backward from the 20th century, clothes are black suits with silver pinstripes, black tux w/purple cummerbund, black raincoat and top hat, purple doublet under black coat, etc. His usual level of dress is formal. Formality is usually sacrificed only in cases of necessity or utility. Use of brighter, more vivid accent colors indicate stronger emotions attached to the event or location.

Psychological Description:

Acerbic wit born of defending himself in the courts. Loves pomp and pageantry. Language, names, and their proper use are important to him.

Can seem contemptuous, but has a core of nobility stemming from striving to overcome his tainted birth-status. His code of honor, as such, has rubbed off from an upbringing heavily influenced by Line Hendrake.

Has has decided to make the best of his limitations by highlighting them and putting them forth as positives. Solomon refuses to let the scorn of others bother him, with a few exceptions back at the Courts of Chaos.

Description of Trump:

Solomon stands on a high promontory. Dark clouds in a swirling azure sky lend the impression of a great dragon overhead. Solomon wears a deep mauve robe and black cloak. The robe is belted with a scabbarded sword. Above one outstretched palm, a black chess-piece castle floats within a powder blue sphere.

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