Golden Circle Kingdoms

Atlantia -- Rulers: Elders Lavis, Kreekikik & Daro

Tech Level: Roman Era Magic Level: High

Trade Goods: Fish and Ocean Products, Artwork -- primarily sculpture.

Atoll kingdom with humans and large dolphins sharing a canalled city. Gleaming white marble structures. Intellect and Artistry prized. Ruled by a democratically elected body.

Bat'alzer -- Rulers: Council of the High Winds

Tech Level: Extremely High Magic Level: Null

Barriers against Pattern and Trump abilities

Trade: Short lived advanced technological devices

Floating (and warring) cities spun of clear resin, guyed by enormous cable over the garbage heap of which all others are mere shadows. Upper cities populated by the Kalri'i (Pteradon descendants.) Lower reaches populated by savage wild and non-sentient scavengers.

Begma -- Rulers: Sultan Al-Hayid & Sultana Djani

Tech Level: High Fantasy Magic Level: Moderate

Trade: Spices, Fabrics, Stories

Ally / Enemy: El-Soya -- long history of mutual wars and treaties

Land of a Thousand Tales and Mysteries. The archetype for Babylon and the Arabian Nights. Loosely allied city-states answering to the Sultan and Sultana.

Burgami -- Ruler: Queen Quirabi

Tech Level: Early Medieval Magic Level: Low / Shamanistic

Trade: Pelts, Foodstuffs, Mercenaries

Ally: Gol

Enormous shallow bowl of African Savannah. Extremely old Shadow. May pre-date Amber. Queen Quirabi *very* shrewd statesman and in a 'formal state' marriage to Benedict. Twin Daughters are heir apparents. Took enormous damage during Black Road War.

Dargothia -- Ruler: Lucient Eren

Tech Level: High Medieval Magic Level: Low

Barriers against Sorcery

Trade: High Grade Weapons, Enduring Clockworks, Poisons

Anvil of Flame. Land is *extremely* inhospitable. Caustic atmosphere, toxic plants and animals, very geologically active. Monarchy, though Eren has just recently emerged from a regency.

El-Soya -- Ruler: Don Calvayo

Tech Level: Moorish Spain Magic Level: Null

Ally / Enemy: Begma -- long history of mutual wars and treaties

Hot, high and dry in places. Lush river valleys elsewhere. Excellent seaports and shipping industry. Extremely sensitive nobility prone to dueling. Church of the Unicorn has a strong foothold here.

Freeport -- Ruler: None (or more accurately Captain de Jour)

Tech Level: Napoleanic Era Magic Level: Low

Trade: Plunder, Narcotics, Sailors

Center of the Pirate Archipelago. Roaring dives of seaports. Anonymity and a good time guaranteed. Fast, violent and short lives also guaranteed.

Frygia -- Ruler: Clan Leader Oerund

Tech Level: Primitive Magic Level: Very Low

Trade: Furs, Crystals

Land of Eternal Ice. Snow and long beautiful nights of stars, moons and borialea. Intelligent Yeti-like humans dwelling in small communities of long-houses. Place of contemplation and testing.

Gol -- Ruler: Ulaan Khan

Tech Level: Nomadic Middle Ages Magic Level: Moderate

Trump Erratic

Trade: Horses, Semi-Precious Stones, Military Specialists

Ally: Burgami

Rolling flatlands surrounded by enormous snow-covered peaks. Nomadic and warlike culture with a few settlements. Current Khan ruling for last 500 years after deposing her predecessor.

Ryanoak -- Ruler: King Edwin & Queen Katherine

Tech Level: Medieval Magic Level: Null

Trade: Foodstuffs, Sheep, Cattle

Verdant countryside interspersed with primal forests and castles. Borders on Arden. Nobility and Chivalry are cultural imperatives. Took major damage during Black Road War.

Xx'it'lac -- Ruler: Mother-of-Us-All

Tech Level: Primitive Magic Level: Null

Trade: Medicines, Minerals, Precious Gems

Empire is entirely underground -- Shadow has no 'sky.' Facist state of sentient insects dwelling in interconnected hives of tunnels and caverns. Different species all working together -- or else.