All the elders from the books are around, including Dierdre, and Brand. Oberon sits on the throne of Amber, but has been gone for the last 20 years (nothing to get excited about, probably just sowing his oats). You all just happened to not be mentioned in Corwin's chronicles, but you've been around the whole time. Choas is a known entity, but without the black road, there is no clear way for armies to clash. The golden circle is alive and well. All are good trading partners with Amber. (Borrowing shamelessly from Leslie's golden circle kingdom/universe descriptions)

The people of Kalidan have recently united under a grand sultan, Ali Mumbar, who is loved beyond all bounds, and one of the greatest leaders ever seen. When his daughter, the "Beauty of the World" was found murdered with a Remulus citizen standing over her, the Grand Sultan took his people to war against Remulus. The other golden circle shadows are gradually choosing sides for what could be the greatest war the circle has ever seen.

The Golden Circle

In To Dance With the Devils, the Golden Circle Kingdoms used (with permission) are those defined by Leslie Lightfoot in her Ambercon game, The Voyages of Caine the Sailor. TDWTD, of course, is set several hundred years after the time period of Caine the Sailor. Click the link below to open a new window and view descriptions of:

The Golden Circle Kingdoms