Player Characters

Name: Elison
Player: Chris Lightfoot

Elison is tall and slender, with long black hair and flashing green eyes. Her slim body is covered with tattoos that she renews constantly, and she often sports multiple piercings. She favors tight-fitting bustiers worn over flowing blouses and skirts in her signature colors of black, white and gold.
Known History:
Elison is the youngest of the first four children of Oberon, the last born of Cymnnea. (Osric, Finndo, Benedict, and Elison.) The first accomplished Trump Artist of Oberon's get, she doesn't think it's coincidence that she seems to have an affinity for the Pentacle, Benedict for the Sword, Finndo the Cup and Osric the Wand. She was also the first child of Oberon to demure when asked about walking the Pattern. Perhaps she was just trying to stand out from her three brothers. She is fiercely loyal to Benedict, who was her protector from their older brothers while she was growing up, and for a time they were inseperable. When Benedict and Elison stand side-by-side there are very few willing to oppose them. Elison is also rather fond of her red-headed siblings: she thinks they are "cute." This annoys Fiona, who finds it condescending; amuses Bleys, who finds it flattering, and confuses Brand, who finds it oddly comforting.

Name: Gizette
Player: Leslie Lightfoot
Trump Desription:

"I couldn't help but chuckle at the next card.  Gizette always had that effect on me.  A bright laughing girl, Gizette's blue eyes seemed to twinkle with the laughter that was always part of her life.  Her blonde hair was cropped short, exposing of her heart-shaped face and mischevious smile to all the world.
"The painter had caught Gizette in one of her rare still moments.  She sat upon a fine white mare, reins held loosely and confidently in one gloved hand and I remember that Julian's little sister boasted that she could ride any mount ever bred with the exception of the Mighty Morgenstern.  She hadn't been proven wrong in my memory.
"Gizette wore a vest of sapphire blue with gold piping over a peasant blouse of whitest linen.  One shapely leg clothed in matching sapphire blue trousers showed against the horse's saddle.  Brown leather gauntlets and boots folded back at the knee completed the attire of Oberon's premiere courier.

Name: Lucien
Player: Gen Ki Tseng
Trump Desription:

His trump image has Lucien hunched over a workbench. Several projects hang completed on the wall behind him but his attention is focused on what must still be done. The powerful hammer that he is known for lies next to him while in its place he holds more mundane tools of his craft. Brown hair hangs in a ponytail and through his stern face brown eyes holds an expression that is not unkind.
Known History:
Oberon brought a 10 year old Lucian to Amber shortly after the death of Faiella and it has always been suspect exactly who his mother was. None the less, Oberon favored the boy and he was raised a prince, as his brothers were before him. Lucien never was very interested in the constant politics of the courts growing up and this carried over into his adulthood alienating him to a degree. Although he was not brash, nor discourtious the moment his presence was not required he would excuse himself to his workshop or the gardens or anywhere else he could be alone. Always very studious, his affinity for craft and conjuration earned him the respect if not friendship of his siblings and his skills were often called upon by his family in times of secrecy or urgency.
Sadness and loss. These were the things seen in his eyes to those who considered themselves "close" to him. It was rumored that he had been forced to give up much when he was brought to Amber but he does not speak of such things nor does Oberon. All of this changed 100 years ago when Lucien abruptly sealed off his workshop and left Amber. He encountered only one person the day of his departure. Jullian later reported that he had found him meditating in the grove of the Unicorn and had asked him his business. Lucien only replied "I am trying to save my wife" and then had vanished without a trace.
Lucien reappeared in Amber only a year ago as a changed man. His wife, a mysterious woman of unknown power, arrived with him and stay long enough to baffle much of his family before departing by herself to watch over her Kingdom. Little is known about her other than she is a princess wherever she comes from and has the ability to move through shadow apparently unaided. Lucien now carries himself with an energy and motivation completely at odd with how he used to be. Several amongst the court watch him cautiously and look to his new wife with suspicion.
Family Relationships:
Lucien was an enemy to none before his disappearance and got along well with Deirdre whom he considered a true sister. As of his arrival a year ago he seems to maintains a warmer relationship with the rest of the Faiella children. He harbors a resentment for Cain and Julian for some reason.

Name: "Boy" / Excelsior
Player: Mike Hewner

A young man who seems to cultivate the image of a non-descript servant. He is often seen wearing rags - or are they wearing him? Bears a striking resemblance to a young Oberon.
Known History:
Son of a scullery maid, this servant boy grew up in Castle Amber with no other appellation than merely "boy." HIs mother "disappeared" at some point during his youth. When he reached adolescence, his resemblance to King Oberon could no longer be overlooked. He left the castle, only to return some fifty years later. His given name seems to be Excelsior, though it is a mystery who gave it to him. Other mysteries surrounding this boy include the nature of certain abilities that seem to be connected to the Logrus.