Character Creation

125 Point characters, all elder amberites. I'm allowing, provisionally, exalted powers if you really really want it, but there must be a story behind it. Did you dip yourself in some powerful swimming pool, sell your soul to the logrus, whats the deal? You should also select at least one other elder which you have strong, strong feelings for. These feelings can be good or bad, but they must be strong. You'll need to identify them and come up with a story about it. You are elders, and your resources are vast, so you can have any power in the main book (I don't like Shadow Knight), including Logrus. I'm also going to shamelessly steal from Jeremy and ask that everyone provide a possible description for their own trump, attempting to capture some aspect of their character in the image. Also, you can decide weather or not this trump was actually made (i.e. if there is a trump of your character). Feel free to add important elements to the world, such as golden circle shadows, or rivalries and alliances, or important people in your backgrounds, subject to GM approval of course, but I have a feeling he'll be a push over.


I'm not going to say everyone should have this. You know the stakes, and I'm perfectly fine with characters not taking a traveling power, so long as they are ok with the limitations.

You can have this power, but you didn't just wander into the Courts and stumble upon the logrus. You can walk the logrus without shapeshifting. This is a deparature from what I said at the session, but there you have it. You can only get Logrus without shapeshifting if you've found someone to help you reach the logrus. This could be many things, including, say, an advanced shapeshifter to shift you through the "places" between the Courts and the Logrus.

Everyone gets a deck of the royale family, including all the other player character's trumps (excepting of course any character that decides not to have a trump made). That is it. No place trump of amber for free. For 1pt you can get a place trump of amber and any other 2 places. For 2 pts, named and numbered places (12). For 4 pts, a truely prodigious trump deck, possibly created by several different artists, with a trump for just about anysituation and anything you might desire. Trump artists get the 2 pt version for free, and can pay 2 pts to upgrade to the super 4pt version.

Sorcery and Conjuration
Sorcery and Conjuration will not work in Amber. Some of this game (maybe even a large part) will take place in amber, so buying these is sort of like a gamble. Logrus and Pattern will always trump Sorcery anywhere but the courts of choas. For this, I'm reducing the price of these two things. Sorcery costs 10 pts, Conjuration 15, and together they only cost 20 pts. If you are a sorceror and want a place to wrack spells, ignore the requirement that you have to have conjuration to buy the item.

Welcomed :). Anything you want to do is up for grabs, especially turning this ugly page into a better website :). Also, if you want to do trumps, you shouldn't feel limited to what the player wrote for a trump description, after all, you're the artist!

Good/Bad Stuff
This is fine in moderation. If you want it to be particularly good/bad for you, though, be prepared to mention it to me often (I tend to forget about it). Please no higher than +/- 5 in the normal case. I suppose up to +/- 10 if you really want to make a statement about your character.

Character Creation Checklist
1. 125 pt character
2. History
3. Trump description
4. Do you have a trump?
5. Elder Amberite you have strong feelings for and why
6. Choose what type of trump deck you have (Free, 1, 2, or 4 pt versions)