Quotes the Second: Weirmonken

Leslie - DM (aka The Hand of Oberron)
Chris - Nadira Al-Jiaha
Sue - Euan Cambell
Roberta - Quitaine (of the sailing vessel Vengeance)
Bob - Ullrik von Eisesturm, and chronicler of Quotes

The mounts:
Apache - Appaloosa (Recommended by Bleys)
Moonstruck - Arabian (Recommended by Bleys)
Spitfire - ?
Donnerkeil (Thunderbolt) - Black w/white blaze on forehead

The servants:
Lady in Waiting - Dora Bastiel (casting - Renee O'Conner, Gabriel from Zena)
Batman - Robert MacGuiness (casting - Anthony Hopkins)
Attaché - Samuel Hardwick (casting - Christian Clemenson)
Chatelaine - Niles Mont Albin (casting - Tim Curry)
Head of diplomatic corps - Dame Joyce

In Weirmonken:
Ambassador - Herzog Graft von Nerrer
Kaiser Reichenstad (Christian Bale)

The ships:
Dawnstar - Captain…….(Nathan Fallon / Mal - Firefly)
Wakeangel - Captain……..(Christopher Lee)
Sirocco - Captain………(Cher)

March 16th: The characters are in Weirmonken, and are on board the Dawnstar waiting the time to go to dinner with the Ambassador.….

Player/Character: Sue/Robert/Bob
Setting: As usual, Euan is bored….
Quote: Euan - I'm bored.
Quitaine - That's why I took you down to the hold to inventory food.
Bob - When Quitaine says she takes you down, context is important.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: The characters are about to board two coaches to the embassy, after of course a thorough security screening.
Quote: Chris - I was nearly taken out by a roadside curse.

Player/Character: Leslie/Chris/Bob
Setting: At dinner, Euan is having a discussion about hunting with the ambassador.
Quote: Herzog - Do you hunt lad?
B - Only cabin boys and pages.
C - I just ask if they are game. If they say yes, I shoot them.

Player/Character: Leslie/Chris
Setting: Herzog is reflecting on the condition of shadow, and Nadira gets what he's really thinking, which is that you Princes/Princesses of Amber blow in, you blow out…..
Quote: C - You blow in, you blow up, you blow out. It's like hosting Al-Qaeda.

Player/Character: Euan/Herzog
Setting: More dinner discussions….
Quote: E - How much of your land will be habitable if the weather keeps cooling?
Herzog - It may be a long winter <It's only been 10 years so far.>

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Euan is looking at a rather nice banner of a unicorn rampant on a green background, and wondering who it represents…..
Quote: C - Oh, that's a nice banner.

Player/Character: Chris/Leslie
Setting: More discussion of hunting, which seems to be a favorite topic…
Quote: C - In their idea of sport, an animal dies.
L - If it's the other animal, you win.

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Kaiser Reichenstad has arrived at the dinner, and Nadira notices that his ring is not a chain.
Quote: S - Only Nadira would make a perception of a negative.

Player/Character: Nadira/Bob
Setting: Nadira is attempting to make small talk with the Kaiser…..
Quote: N - Everyone has been accommodating and friendly.
Kaiser - <Not happy with that perception of his people.>
B - The new Weirmonken, accommodating and friendly.

Player/Character: Bob
Setting: Everyone besides Nadira is thinking loudly for her to shut up and quit insulting the Kaiser and his people, but their combined psyche doesn't get through very easily….
Quote: B - Amber's not exactly known for breeding diplomats.

Player/Character: Leslie/Roberta
Setting: Quitaine has left to meet with her highway mensch, Schmidt and Schmidt. She has proposed a trade of food for information, but the concept seems hard to grasp for the Schmidts….
Quote: Schmidt - How will you give us food for thought?

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Euan has politely turned away the advances of several Weir femailes…..
Quote: Chris - Remember, it's a $500 fine for "littering."

Player/Character: Sue/Leslie/Chris
Setting: At the end of the night, Sue is trying to better understand the inhabitants of Weirmonken….
Quote: Sue - Do the Mensch change shape?
C - Only if you cut bits off of them.
L - They can last a month if you do it right.

March 30th: The characters are in Weirmonken, having breakfast the morning after their dinner with the Ambassador.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Leslie and Chris are discussing blood magic and how Nadira perceives it as skanky.
Quote: Chris - It's like peeing a magic circle: I suppose it would work, but it's disgusting.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: As usual, Euan was bored and kept himself entertained all night via some rather energetic sword practice, resulting in vigorous thumping that disturbed Nadira once again…...
Quote: Nadira - Euan has restless sword syndrome.

Player/Character: Euan
Setting: Frau Mobengang is arranging breakfast for the royal party, and tells Euan she'll have it ready in 20 minutes to put some meat on his bones.
Quote: E - As long as I can still run.

Player/Character: All
Setting: Joking about expressions that could be put on a tee shirt to sum up Weirmonken….
Quote: From a previous game - If you run, you look like food.
C - Weirmonken, we've seen better days.

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: More breakfast discussions, someone proposes going to the wall ourselves if the Kaiser ignores us for too long. Leslie pipes up with a summary of the typical attitude of a prince/princess of Amber….
Quote: L - I'm bored; we're invading your land.

Player/Character: Euan
Setting: The party is having third lunch at a Mensch restaurant when Nadira and Ullrik go out the back for a meeting with a hedge witch. Euan and Quitain remain inside, and all of a sudden the Mensch go still, like prey hoping the predator won't notice them if they don't move…..
Quote: E - If the Mensch are in full out piss their pants mode, I'm going to casually put my hand on my ear/sword.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: The Lady Labell and Lord Dolch, a pair of Darcalfar, have made their entrance. Euan has ordered the Mensch to leave, which they do so with alacrity. Quitain has offered to get them some food, which they politely decline as not appropriate fare for them….
Quote: C - The food they prefer just left.

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Euan realizes that the Darcalfar are truly evil.
Quote: S - Euan is the Zander of this game. He's the demon magnet.

Player/Character: Nadira
Setting: Ullrik has disposed of Lord Dolch, and tells Nadira that he is not dead, but that he has dispersed into the floor/ground. He asks if she can do anything about it (it will blight this area)…
Quote: N - Do I feel essence on the floor?

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Quitain has arrived back at the stables, and Roberta wonders if a stable boy is present...
Quote: S - Of course there is a stable boy, Euan is there.

Player/Character: Roberta/Sue/Chris
Setting: Euan is left alone at the Ambassador's residence, and the Kaiser's messenger has shown up advising that the Kaiser will meet with us. Since only Euan is present, he realizes that he's going to have to do this himself…
Quote: Roberta - Ullrik did ask you to take point with the Kaiser.
Sue - Ah, this is a little too pointy.
Chris - It falls on you to take on the Kaiser role.

Player/Character: Leslie/Chris
Setting: Meanwhile, Nadira, Quitain and Ullrik are tracking the Chaosians. There's lots of blood and the remaining one (Rafael) is trying to not leak his fluids…..
Quote: Leslie - Don't leak, you look like food.
Chris - Look, he's self-basting.

Player/Character: Euan/Nadira
Setting: Euan and Nadira are discussing traveling to the wall with the Kaiser.
Quote: E - It will be safer traveling to the wall with the Kaiser.
N - It certainly will be for him (the Kaiser). I'm sorry, that's why you don't want me talking to him, isn't it?

March 6th: The characters are in Weirmonken, having breakfast the morning after their dinner with the Ambassador.
(Webmaster note: No, this is not a mistake, the description is the same as the last session. Guess we didn't get very far last time.)

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Euan has been receiving many invitations, from males and females. They usually involve hunting, although they do differ in what they're hunting for. A rather imposing female Weir (Herzogan Margit vom Bergfried) has cornered Euan for a while in the study. The Herzogan makes sure Euan takes note of her….generous assets….
Quote: Chris - You should see her rolling estates.

Player/Character: Bob/Chris
Setting: Quitaine has left the embassy and finds a black rose in the road. No Mench or Weir are to be found (knowing better), but Quitaine descides to pick the rose up and take it back to Nadira.
Quote: Bob - Nadira, I found this thermonuclear hand grenade with the pin pulled, what should I do with it?
Chris - References Star Trek scene, Klingons on the bridge of the Enterprise….
Klingon 1 - It's empty and the computer is speaking.
Klingon Captain - What's it saying?
Klingon 1 - Three, two, one…

Player/Character: Chris/Nadira
Setting: Nadira is dreaming, and attempting to make sense of what she sees, which is a tangle of pasta, along with chains. Nadira decides to follow the pasta….
Quote: C - If I kiss a dog at the other end, I'll be really upset.
N - Do you know of the chain with which your pasta is tangled?

Player/Character: Bob
Setting: Euan is talking with the Herzogan in the study….
Quote: B - Which do you think is more dangerous, her or the black rose?

Player/Character: Nadira
Setting: Nadira orders fruits and vegetables for breakfast, and Frau Gleckness is wondering how anyone can put meat on their bones with a diet like that.
Quote: N - I can have meat on my bones whenever I want.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Frau Gleckness dons her Blood Witch regalia to confront the apparent Darcalfar at the door. What she's really sensing is the black rose carried by Quitaine. Throwing open the door, Frau Gleckness brandishes her totems, yelling "HA…."
Quote: C - Begone foul Commodore!

Player/Character: Chris/Bob
Setting: Euan is working through his invitations, dividing them between the invitations to hunt, and for dalliances….
Quote: C - Ah, so you've divided them between sex and violence.
B - If he was Weir, they wouldn't separate them.

Player/Character: Euan
Setting: Quitaine has returned with the Darcalfar's black rose, asking Nadira what it is and means.
Quote: E - It's a clue, a big, black, thorny clue.

Player/Character: Quitaine/Euan/Ullrik
Setting: The group is making clear to Quitaine that the black rose must be disposed of.
Quote: E - Are you attached to the bag holding the rose? Or the sword?
Q - Not really…..
U - And the hand holding it?

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Quitain has arrived back at the stables, and Roberta wonders if a stable boy is present.….
Quote: S - Of course there is a stable boy, Euan is there.

Player/Character: Nadira/Leslie
Setting: Nadira is talking to Bleys via trump, and inquires about whether Bleys has apprised King Random of the arrangement for reinforcements for Weirmonken…
Quote: N - Is King Random aware of our arrangement for reinforcements?
Bleys - Absolutely. <NOT!>

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: Graf Rarll has arrived to let the Prince and Princess know that their request to visit the wall has been approved by the Kaiser. He's more interested in Euan than Nadira…..
Quote: Leslie - He likes his food raw, Nadira is self cooking.

May 11th: The characters are in Weirmonken, and once again in the parlor, this time discussing the upcoming ride to Graf Rarl's home for a hunt.

Player/Character: Euan
Setting: The characters are once again in the parlor, this time discussing the upcoming ride to Graf Rarl's home for a hunt. Eaun is referring to Nadira, Ullrik and his previous long ride through shadow sans Quitaine…
Quote: E - The three of us are comfortable in the saddle together.

Player/Character: Nadira
Setting: The discussion turns to servents and whether any will be brought along on the hunt. Nadira isn't happy when she realizes what that could mean.
Quote: N - Quitaine's going to help me dress?!!!!

Player/Character: Euan
Setting: The discussion turns to the expected weather and gear, and Ullrik informs them they are in the warm part of Weirmonken….
Quote: E -So I better pack my winter kilt. Its got the extra fluffy sporran. It has the hand warmers behind it.

Player/Character: Euan/Bob
Setting: The discussion is breaking up and Nadira decides she is going back to her rooms to "get to know the moons better".
Quote: E - Oh God, she's going to get moon touched.
B - Get moon touched? <I.e. she's way touched already.>

Player/Character: Leslie/Chris
Setting: A couple new Weirmonken T-shirts where proposed during this game.
Quote: L -Hello, my name is food.
C - Trespassers will be eaten on sight.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: The group is arriving at Graf Rarl's long house, which is well blended in with the forest.
Quote: C - Somebody put a porch in your forest.

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: The door to the long house is a large opening covered with a flap of Fuerworm leather.
Quote: S - It's a big huge doggie door!

Player/Character: Bob (commenting for Dora, Nadira's Lady in Waiting)
Setting: The party has entered the long house and been introduced to Rarl's pack. Dora realizes she's in a den full of wolves.
Quote: B -It's a targe- rich environment.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: The group is being fed their first meal which is comprised of raw meat.
Quote: C - It's a bled and breakfast.

Player/Character: Sue/Leslie
Setting: Graf Rarl is realizing he has to take "the glow stick" (Nadira) hunting with them.
Quote: S - Oh look, it lights itself up for us.
L - Its self-basting too!

Player/Character: Chris/Leslie
Setting: Comments made as the Weir come and go from the long house, which ends up being called the Weir house, or Weirhouse.
Quote: L - There's a rotation in and out of the "Weirhouse".
C - Where do you keep all the Weir? In the "Weirhouse".

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: Quitaine is watching Euan run through the forest much better than she expected.
Quote: Leslie - This is not the skill set you expected to pop out of "I'm bored".

Player/Character: Bob
Setting: Nadira and Ullrik find the hurt Weir who is doing his best to give the impression that he is fine.
Quote: Bob - Move along, nothing to eat here.

Player/Character: Euan/Quitaine
Setting: Quitaine has heard something off in a general direction, and tries to guide Euan.
Quote: Q - Euan, I heard something this way. <gestures in a direction>
E - Can you be more specific.
Q - No.

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Euan is running through the forest trying to find the source of the noise.
Quote: S - Euan isn't stupid, he doesn't just run headlong into danger - very often. <said as he's running towards the Fireworm>

Player/Character: Roberta
Setting: Euan is running through very broken terrain, and finds a level patch of about 8 feet or so.
Quote: R - It's practically a plateau.

Player/Character: Bob/Euan/Quitaine
Setting: As they run through the woods, Quitaine is using her Pattern ability to try to keep up with Euan.
Quote: B - The object of Quitaine's desire: Euan's dead body.

Player/Character: Euan/Quitaine
Setting: Quitaine has caught back up with Euan.
Quote: Q - 'Don't split up,' you said.
E - That was days ago, I've been bored for days.

Player/Character: Sue/Roberta
Setting: Euan has come face to face with the Fireworm and decides discretion is the better part of valor.
Quote: S - Euan's going to run.
R - You'll look like food.

Player/Character: Chris/Sue
Setting: Euan ends up having a stare-down with the Fireworm in spite of his decision to run.
Quote: C - You lookin' at me?
S - Basically the Prince of Amber is saying: "Bring it on, asshole."

Player/Character: Nadira/Euan
Setting: While Euan is having his stare-down, Nadira decides it's the perfect time to introduce him to the wonders of trump. Euan has a busy signal…
Quote: N - I'm trying to be gentle, its his first time.
E - I've got dragon, I've got carpet, I've got fucking ghosts behind me.

Player/Character: Chris/Leslie
Setting: The worm is looking at Euan and Quitaine with great patience, as if he could stay there forever.
Quote: C - Whearas Euan only has a matter of minutes.
L - If we're lucky.
C - Euan bought down his patience.

June 29th: After their meeting in Skycliffe Castle with the Kaiser and Obersts Hulda and Vreil, it is decided that Nadira and Quitaine will return to Amber with Oberst Vreil to have him witness Prince Bley’s oath on the Unicorn to obey the limits set upon him and his army. This leaves Ullrik and Euan for a boys' night out in the castle…

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Quitaine is describing her slightly-Amber-Navy-like uniform, and the discussion touches on what her rank insignia is.
Quote: C – Flank Commodore…..Extremely Rear Admiral!

Player/Character: Quitaine
Setting: Nadira, Quitaine and Oberst Vreil have arrived in Castle Amber. Princess Nadira gives the commoners a quick brush off, leaving Quitaine to play the part of hostess. She offers him something to eat, forgetting how a Weir (and lowly page) may take her words at face value….
Quote: Q – Would you care for something to eat while we’ve got the page here?

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Nadira returns to her rooms for a bath, and spills her guts to Fiona…who strangly hasn’t asked hardly any questions.
Quote: C – Fiona has mastered interrogation by silence.

Player/Character: Nadira/Fiona (Leslie)
Setting: Nadira tries to make the interrogation a bit less one sided...
Quote: N – Is there something else happening here that I should be aware of?
Fiona – No, nothing that you should be aware of.

Player/Character: Leslie/Sue/Bob
Setting: Back at Skycliffe, the boys begin their adventures. Euan begins to explore the castle for secret passages, which of course were planned by King Eric. Finding them proves difficult, and requires the GM to compare the Warfare of Euan and Eric…
Quote: L – I didn’t do the dead ones!!!!!!
S – She didn’t do the dead ones? What’s the logic in that?
B – Of course they were going to come into play….

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Ullrik is finished with Oberst Hulda, and goes looking for Prince Euan.
Quote: C – Tinker, tailor, soldier, Weir! <Someone needs to fill in the reason why he said this!>

[Webmaster note: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is a spy novel by John le Carré, first published in 1974.]

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: Quitaine reveals that Prince Benedict is her mysterious master, and takes a moment of his time before he rides out of Castle Amber – on a carnivorous Zebra.
Quote: L – That’s canon. <Benedict riding a carnivorous Zebra>

Player/Character: Sue/Chris
Setting: Princes Nadira decides Amber security seems a little more apparent, and on edge, than usual. Wanting to know the reason why and not waste time with tedious questions, she promptly mind rapes the Steward.
Quote: S – She’s such a bitch!
C <Petulantly> - What? She (Quitaine) reports to her mysterious master and I’m the bitch?

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Nadira trumps Prince Bleys and tells him of his upcoming audience with King Random, and the oath he will have to make. Bleys is not exactly happy knowing he has to meet the King, who will know he’s kind of acquired another army….
Quote: S – Of course he knows that Random can read him, the man’s not an idiot. Well, maybe…..

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Meanwhile, back in the what appear to be not so secret passages, Euan and Ullrik go exploring. After running nose-first into a particularly nasty trap, Ullrik pushes on and they find an entrance to what appears to be a hidden set of chambers. The chambers are not nice, and in fact scream of pain, darkness, despair, etc. Leslie is having a hard time putting a good description together and Chris finds an apropos one for her.
Quote: C – Welcome to Auschwitz.

Player/Character: Roberta
Setting: While tracking in the secret passages, Ullrik has determined there are two distinct people who seem to erase their scent and that of others as they travel. Ullrik would like to separate and track them, which involves lots of discussion of non scents…
Quote: R – There’s a whole lot of non-scents here.

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Things have not gone so well for Ullrik and Euan, and Ullrik realizes he needs the assistance of a mage. Knowing Hulda is near, he psychically yells for her, hoping she’ll be able to hear his warning.
Quote: Sue – You psychically shout into a canyon. It doesn’t answer.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Having determined through adroitly mind-raping the Steward that the increase security was due to an assassination attempt on the King, and said assassin is in the dungeon, Nadira decides to sneak into the dungeon and see who else she can mind rape….er, interrogate.
Quote: C – Nadira doesn’t sneak, people just don’t remember seeing her.

Player/Character: Nadira
Setting: Nadira is granted her audience with the King, and once in his presence, can’t help but notice the CHAIN around his neck.
Quote: N – Is this like the ultimate in chain-ness?

[Webmaster note: sadly, no. The "chain" mystery continues.]

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: Ullrik and Euan have met up with Hulda, and return to the hidden lair of the Tapestry. As they enter, several mechnozabri with bits of what were once Weir burst from hidden panels to attack them.
Quote: Leslie – Hulda mutters a curse under her breath….actually, Hulda swears under her breath. You have to be clear with her.

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