Quotes the First: Amber

Leslie - DM (aka The Hand of Oberron)
Chris - Nadira Al-Jiaha
Sue - Euan Cambell
Roberta - Quitaine (of the sailing vessel Vengeance)
Bob - Ullrik von Eisesturm, and chronicler of Quotes

October 20th, 2006: Initial gaming session

Player/Character: Chris, pretending to test Advanced Trump Artistry.
Setting: First notable quote during game set-up.
Quote: Can you trump me now?

Player/Character: Unknown
Setting: Euan the sports addict is playing for the "Bearny Hogs" soccer team. At his expense, the group came up with the fan cheer.
Quote: Sooooo-eeeey! Sooooo-eeeey!

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: While nearing the flop house in the Bazaar district of Amber where he stays, Ullrik sees a message from a sibling, saying to meet at the docks.
Quote: Don't underestimate the dock side.

Player/Character: Unknown
Setting: Aboard the Vengeance, Quitaine is caught in a bad storm that passes through shadow and blows her off course.
Quote: Any path in a storm.

Player/Character: Unknown
Setting: In the aftermath of the storm Quitaine finds a box of glowing sphere's, dubbed the "Nads".
Quote: The Nads were blown by a master.

Player/Character: Unknown
Setting: Ullrik is meeting his brother Drizen at the docks. A discussion of their siblings and where they are takes place. They decide they need to check on them and divide the surviving siblings between them - with some difficulty.
Quote: Did it ever take that long to divide six by two?

Player/Character: Unknown
Setting: Quitaine and her crew is still having problems with the glowing Nads, which seem to keep returning when thrown overboard.
Quote: Jake and his glowing Nads.
Vengeance seeking Nads.

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Nadira is dealing with her mother, Fiona, while at castle Amber before leaving on King Random's mission.
Quote: I'm so glad I didn't pick a parent who is living.

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: Nadira being escorted to King Random by Bleys.
Quote: Bleys is the ultimate fashion accessory.

Player/Character: Leslie with a response from Chris.
Setting: Nadira discussing her mission with Fiona after the audience with Random.
Quote: Leslie -
Fiona is in a state of perpetual PMS.
Chris - Of which all PMS are but shadows.

Player/Character: Unknown
Setting: Ullrik and Nadira have their assignment from King Random, and Bleys offers to get the mounts for Nadira.
Quote: Oh, its Bleys, it will be done right.

November 10th: Ullrik and Nadira have been sent by King Random to find the other two player characters, who are not generally known in Amber. Euan continues to try to find his ultimate shadow for sporting events and pub crawling. Quitaine continues to try to the the scourage of the seas, but the seas aren't co-operating very well…

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Chris is deliberating how much Nadira should tell Fiona regarding her mission.
Quote: How much "Bij" do you want to experience? ("Bij" is the Klingon word for "punishment," famous in the group as an in-joke from many hours of Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game - A Klingon Challenge.)

Player/Character: Nadira/Fiona
Setting: Nadira - Remember what happened the last time Amber was in danger and everyone held their cards close to their chest?
Quote: Fiona - Yeah, Random became King.

Player/Character: Euan
Setting: Needs to find a new shadow for sports and drinking.
Quote: Lets go somewhere cricketey.

Player/Character: Chris and Sue
Setting: Aboard the Vengeance, the crew is getting murderous and suicidal. Chris offers up the last words for a crewman who jumps over the side holding a cannonball. Sue gets the final word.
Quote: Chris - Aye, I owe Davey Jones this, I'll be some time.
Sue - I'll walk back.

Player/Character: Bob and Leslie
Setting: Nadira not being very red-headed.
Quote: Bob - Nadira is a red-head in name only.
Leslie - Ok, lets see the carpet!

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Ullrik is meeting his brother Drizen at the docks. A discussion of their siblings and where they are takes place. They decide they need to check on them and divide the surviving siblings between them - with some difficulty.
Quote: Did it ever take that long to divide six by two?

Player/Character: Bob
Setting: Euan meets his current stalker, a mysterious man in purple (Eloquim Sawall). Eloquim is trying to give "Prince" Euan a card, saying "If there is anything the Prince requires…."
Quote: He's a pimp!

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Ullrik and Nadira start tracking Euan through shadow, using his description and scent.
Quote: Playing "spot the royal" is a dangerous game.

Player/Character: Quitaine and Chris
Setting: Quitaine sneaks aboard Cainee's ship, and of course is spotted by Caine and subsequently out-Psyched (shown by using the forehead squid).
Quote: Q - I'd have no trouble leaving the ship if it wasn't for the <forehead squid>.
Chris - If you try to out-subtle Caine, you lose.

Player/Character: Bob
Setting: Nadira and Ullrik take a break for dinner during their shadow ride, and proceed to eat - a lot.
Quote: We're Amberites; it's always time for dinner.

Player/Character: Leslie and Bob
Setting: Ullrik and Nadira have reached the shadow where Euan met with Eloquim Sawall. Ullrik gets a smell of the chaosian, and a discussion ensues.
Quote: L - This chaosian is really rank.
B - All chaosians are rank.

Player/Character: Unknown
Setting: Unknown.
Quote: Tracking a starship is really hard. Especially on a horse.

Player/Character: Black Pete, crewman who brought Quitaine aboard Caine's ship - as a man.
Setting: When Caine captures Quitaine, he forces her to change back to her normal shape (Jessica Alba!). Black Pete thinks this is a rather neat trick...especially after a long sea voyage.
Quote: Dang Caine, can you do that to another friend of mine?

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: When Caine captures Quitaine, he also sends her to see King Random. At the gates to castle Amber, she tells the guard she was sent by Caine to see king Random.
Quote: She has the mark of Caine.

Player/Character: Random and Quitaine.
Setting: Random and Quitaine are discussing what he wants with her, and what Quitaine's plans are.
Quote: R - What are your plans?
Q - In regards to....?
R - You-ness, us-ness, we-ness….
Chris - We're not discussing your we-ness.

Player/Character: Random
Setting: In explaining why he has involved Nadira on the team to investigate the shadow problems.
Quote: Kind of want one of them (a redhead) involved in an issue like this.

December 8th: Ullrik, Nadira and Euan are riding into Arden at twilight after a three-and-a-half day shadow ride. Perhaps not a full-up hell ride, but not wasting any time. Now they have a day-and-a-half ride through Arden to get to Amber. Meanwhile in Castle Amber Quitaine is cooling her heels at King Random's "request"...

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Discussing what Ullrik perceives from Euan's scent.
Quote: Euan's got a funky scent.

Player/Character: Nadira/Euan/Ullrik
Setting: Various comments and discussions while riding through Arden.
Quote: N - Things have been amenable among our relatives.
E - That means they will only go downhill from here.

E- I can drink any of the under the table.
N - Even King Random? I am impressed.

Player/Character: Sue/Chris
Setting: Riding through Arden, Ullrik easily detects the shadowers (hellhounds/rangers) who are following them. Euan and Nadira do not.
Quote: S - Its good to see where we fit in warefare.
C - In the doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

Player/Character: Sue/Euan
Setting: After riding through Arden, which is decidedly un-urban like, Euan is wanting some of his more typical luxuries. They finally reach an inn and are discussing stopping, which they do, and Euan is able to partake of one of his favorite pastimes.
Quote: Sue - I don't care as long as there is beer.
Euan - This is a great and wonderous place.

Player/Character: Sue/Leslie/Chris
Setting: The Amberites proceed to eat through an astounding amount of food at the inn.
Quote: Sue - We've been living on berries and bark.
Leslie - You're no kind of shadow walker if you're living on that crap!
Chris - It's what he wanted to eat.

Player/Character: Nadira/Euan/Ullrik
Setting: In the inn, Nadira lets slip that her powers are much stronger at night, intimating she can enter your dreams.
Quote: S - Put that away for future reference. If planning to beat the shit out of Nadira, do it in daylight.

Player/Character: Roberta/Euan
Setting: Finally in Amber, Quitaine is introduced to the others by Random, making their planned quest to Freeport unnecessary. In the ensuing discussions, Euan lets slip that his mother won't be happy to find out he's in Amber.
Quote: E - I'm going to have to come up with a good excuse before I see my mother.
Q - (I missed this quote due to laughing at Roberta's follow-up)
R - Was that my outside voice?

Player/Character: Roberta
Setting: King Random answers the door himself.
Quote: R - He's a random door man.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: During the discussion, the team decides on their plan to travel the Golden Circle. They discuss having Euan play the part of Nadira's paramour.
Quote: Chris - Don't cross the genes!

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: Discussing who knows what about the various goings on in Amber and the golden circle.
Quote: L - Bleys never knows anything until he's on the stairs leading the army.

Player/Character: Quitaine
Setting: Discussing the plan to travel the golden circle by ship.
Quote: Q - We can fly any colors you want <muttering> and often have….

Player/Character: Euan
Setting: It's decided that the "servants" need to be veterans, so Ullrik goes to find one for Euan and Nadira.
Quote: E - He's going to find a vet for me.

Player/Character: Quitaine/Nadira
Setting: Not sure, but the topic of bars/pubs comes back up as it frequently does….
Quote: Q - Occasionally a bar fight is good for the soul.
N - Ah, a branch of the Church of the Unicorn that I'm not familiar with.

January 12th, 2007: Quitaine, Ullrik, Nadira and Euan are with King Random at a tavern frequented by veterans of the Chaos war. The plan is to find a batman for Euan and a lady in waiting for Nadira to have some trustworthy servants in their households. As the evening progresses, it becomes obvious that to enter drinking contests with either Euan or King Random would not be playing to their weakness…

Player/Character: Euan and Ullrik
Setting: Discussing our plans and meeting other members of the family.
Quote: E - I thought I made it pretty damn clear back at the castle that I didn't want to be introduced to anyone else in the family.
U - I thought it was made pretty damn clear back at the castle that your opinion didn't matter.

Player/Character: Chris/Leslie
Setting: Discussing Nadira's staffing for the upcoming trip, the discussion turns to her current staff, and how much her mother has had a hand in selecting them.
Quote: C - If Nadira has servants, Fiona probably had a hand in selecting them.
L - She probably still has a hand in them…..and <forehead squid>.

Player/Character: Sue/Leslie/Chris
Setting: Discussing the casting for Euan's batman.
Quote: C - Suggests Michael Caine
S - Hell no.
L - He'd roll right over Euan.
E - I want to get laid some time this trip.

Player/Character: Random/Nadira
Setting: At some point in the evening, a well-lubricated King Random is discussing Euan's strengths with Nadira.
Quote: R - He makes an awesome beer can sculpture.
N - Ah, an artist.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Discovers the idea of beer trump, where you drink a different beer to go to a different location, or contact a different person. Conversation goes downhill from there.

Player/Character: Nadira/Euan
Setting: Nadira and Euan are discussing their relative roles during the upcoming procession through the golden circle. Euan isn't thrilled with the whole coming-out idea, so defers to Nadira.
Quote: N - Then it will be Lady Nadira and her cousin. I get top billing.
E - Nadira, you will always be the Top.

Player/Character: Nadira/Quitaine/Ullrik/Euan
Setting: Discussing the details of the trip, it become apparent that Euan hasn't traveled the Golden Circle as much as the others.
Quote: E - Who here has visited more than one of the Golden Circle kingdoms? Answer - Everyone else.

Player/Character: Ullrik/Leslie
Setting: Meeting with Dame Joyce in the morning over breakfast to tell her of the coming procession, the group discusses the itinerary. Awkward pauses seem to be the order of the day…..
Quote: Dame Joyce - You want this to be spontaneous.
U - Yes, much like this conversation.

Player/Character: Chris/Bob
Setting: The team separates, with Euan and Nadira going to a very upscale clothier, and Quitaine and Ullrik making do at a less snobbish outfitter. The differing needs in clothes becomes very apparent.
Quote: Chris - They have to be able to have two sets of clothes each.
Bob - We're going to need a fourth ship for Nadira's clothes.

Player/Character: Leslie
Setting: Discussing the Chaos war, Dame Joyce's assistant Mr. Hardwick refers to the entire Patternfall War as "the unfortunate incident". And the Black Road becomes "the disturbing path".

Player/Character: Bob
Setting: Bob pretty much passes out at this point, so any further quotes will have to come from Sue's notes or Roberta's diary!

January 26th: The characters are in the Peach Salon with the Attaché, Samuel Hardwick, discussing the current situation in Weirmonken.….

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: After discussing the current state of affairs, Samuel Hardwick takes his leave to continue with preparations for the trip. Chris has a minor problem with his name….
Quote: Chris - Now when Dickman….. <much laughter ensues>

Player/Character: Sue
Setting: Euan wakes up hearing a soft clink in the adjoining room. Sue goes off on a diatribe about clinkiness.
Quote: Sue - <Way to fast to follow, but very funny. Need quote from Roberta? Sue? Buhler?>

Player/Character: Sue/Leslie/Chris
Setting: Discussing the if we had remembered to arrange a meeting with Mr. Hardwick this morning.
Quote: S - We're not hard to find. The man's a diplomatic attaché, use your damn spy service.

Player/Character: Chris
Setting: Deciding on the casting for the Chatelaine, Chris suggests Tim Curry and goes off in his best Dr. Frankenfurter.
Quote: C - Come up to the Salon, and see what I've got on.

Player/Character: Nadira/Lord Mont Albin
Setting: Nadira decides she needs to discuss things with Dame Joyce, and asks Lord Mont Albin her whereabouts.
Quote: N - Is Dame Joyce in the castle?
Mont Albain - Lets her know without saying a word that yes she is in the castle, yes she is in a delicate position and no, Nadira doesn't rate bothering her.

Player/Character: Euan/Gerard
Setting: Euan is walking down a corridor in castle Amber, and crosses paths unexpectedly with Gerard…
Quote: S - Euan will pause in his step, then continue on and not run. When you run, they think you're prey.

Player/Character: Euan/Gerard
Setting: Euan and Gerard set about playing darts, and find common ground in beer.
Quote: E - You don't play darts without beer; it's unnatural.

Player/Character: Euan/Gerard
Setting: Euan finds that Gerard's dart playing isn't really up to par, and they begin in on other activities. While discussing what activities to try…
Quote: L - He will be glad to get more physical with you…

Player/Character: Euan/Gerard
Setting: Euan figures out that part of Gerard's problem is that he's under orders not to talk to the nieces/nephews.
Quote: Sue - Well we better not say anything important then.

Player/Character: Leslie?
Setting: Discussing the Weirmonken and its rather cold climate….
Quote: L? - If you want to get into a cold-off, put Fiona against the Glacier.

Player/Character: Sue/Chris
Setting: Euan takes to ship life and the rigging like a natural.
Quote: Sue - Euan's comfortable in his masculinity.
Chris - Several others are also comfortable with his masculinity.

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