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Trump Notes: The above is the orignal Trump for Nadira.
Here she is shown spinning a cloth from moonlight;
the moon has taken on a reddish tinge reminiscent of her hair.
The card border is the night sky as seen from Mt. Kolvir.


Nadira is the recognized daughter of Princess Fiona. There was no general knowledge of her existence prior to her introduction to the Court at Castle Amber a few months ago.

In the first Installment of Promenade, she had a vivid dream regarding two powerful forces vying for control over the Golden Circle. Princess Fiona warned Nadira that her involvement in that dream brought unwanted attention, and that those forces are now aware of Nadira's existence.

Later, King Random asked to see Nadira and at the audience she met Ullrik Von Isensturm, a Lieutenant from Weirmonken who was Prince Eric's most trusted courier, and who continued to serve Amber. The two were instructed to seek out two persons in shadow: Euan, Nadira's "cousin," an athelete out in Shadow; and a mysterious woman who was "plying" the seas of the Golden circle.

Nadira and Ulrik had a better read on Euan's identity, so they sought him out first. They followed Euan's trail through Shadow and found him just after he'd had an altercation with a punk Chaosian. Ullrik presented Euan with a summons from King Random, and Euan agreed to travel to Amber. Nadira led them on a hellride to Amber, which the other two weathered quite well.

Upon returning to Amber, the three met up with Quitaine, pirate captain of the Vengeance, the other person mentioned by Random. She had been brought before the King under other means, after a run-in with Prince Caine. King Random then revealed that they were all "cousins" - that is, had Amber royal blood - and that he had a task for the Four of them. He asked them to tour the Golden Circle, "show the flag, find out what is happening, and report back." Strange things had been happening in the Golden Circle, and this was King Random's plan to deal with it.

The four agreed - some reluctantly - and plans were made. Princess Nadira and Prince Euan would travel openly as scions of Amber, supported by Ullrik and Quitaine, who would keep their identities, but hold their heritage in confidence. They recieved a briefing from Mr. Samuel Hardwick, an attache of Dame Joyce from the Amber diplomatic Corps. Prince Bleys loaned them his ship, the Bold Venture, and two other ships - the Wake Angel and the Sirocco - were assigned to accompany the progress.

After hiring attendants for Princess Nadira and Prince Euan, the company set sail for Weirmonken.

For futher story elements, see the Travelogue page.



Qamar, a man from Nadira's past.

Trump Notes: Quamar is a young man with an aura of dark power. He is shown under a crescent moon during a stormy night, standing newar a ruined keep. The symbol of the crescent moon - part of his birthright - glows on his exposed palm. His bracers feature decoration showing the progression of the moon's phases. A Night Bird - his messenger - perches on a blasted branch nearby.





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