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Agent Omega Speaks:

All right, listen up. You're an MiA Agent now, so you need to know a little about those you'll be working with. They're a dangerous crew, but you'll learn to get along with them. Or you'll have a psychotic episode.

Agent B


If experience counts, Agent B is up to advanced calculus. Nothing phases him, and no one out-shoots or out-maneuvers him. Just don't make a big deal about his mechanical arm. Because it's rude, kid.

Agent Y


He's been called a Renaissance man. Clean-up hitter, jack-of-all-trades, perfect lover, sybarite. All true. Maybe that's why his ego's so large. Many respect him, but many more underestimate him, to their eternal regret.

Agent N

A dynamic mind, but lacking direction. Agent N is a powerful psychic, a bi-polar cynic, and a die-hard rogue. For all of that, he's a personable fellow who will smile as the knife goes in.

Agent A

Agent A blurs the fine line between preparation and paranoia. Ready for anything, and capabable of it as well. You just won't notice. If something happens and there's no one there, it was probably Agent A.

Agent C

A superlative, tireless bulldog. You can't keep this one down.  Agent C gets tougher the tougher the going gets.  He has  just one flaw: an unsanctined romantic interest in Agent D. All right, two flaws if you count his poetry.

Agent D

Tough as nails? Kid, she eats nails for breakfast, rebar for lunch, and entire buildings for dinner. A self-admitted by-the-book brass-balled bitch. If you don't toe the line, you may find yourself missing a whole leg.

Agent E

An excellent front man and field leader. Charisma, drive, and political savvy all in one package. For someone so diplomatic, though, he has a hard time keeping his opinions to himself. Maybe 'cause he's right an annoying amount of the time.

Agent F

Possibly the most powerful mind in Amber, wrapped in a small, sassy package. If Agent F doesn't have your number, it's because you don't add up right. But watch her temper, sport. The red hair isn't just for show.

Agent I

Don't let her looks fool you. Her fashion sense is nothing compared to her cunning, her spycraft, and her connections. No one can be all things to all people, but Agent I comes close. Just ask. She knows everyone.

Agent G

Atlas on steroids. Agent G is both the irresistable force and the immovable object. Trust him to watch your back, but play it straight or he'll put his boot up your ass.

Agent J

The word for Agent J is horsepower, whether it's under the hood of his custom Mustang, taming the wild kingdom, or putting the hurt on some hapless Shadow criminal. Saddle up.

Agent L

Agent L is like the ocean she loves: calm on the surface, but with hidden depths, dangers - and treasures. An invaluable resource when you need lab work or scientific analysis, and still a top field agent.

Agent R

There's a joker in every deck, and it's usually Agent R. Don't gamble against him, in music or games of chance or any other arena. He knows when the odds are in his favor: constantly.

Agent V

Cute as a button and sharp as a tack. Agent V can sense things beyond the ken of any sighted person, hi-tech optics or no. Communications expert at MiA headquarters.

Agent Q

If you need a gadget, see Agent Q. Our quartermaster will make sure you're dressed to kill in no time flat. Just get in and out fast if you don't want a history lecture. Heh. Royalists.


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