Online Misc.

Though I often go by the net alias Greyshade, in real life I was born under the name "Kristopher" in Spokane, Washington. I go by Chris now, and live in Shoreline, Washington.
My day job is designing and implementing employee benefit solutions through Principal Financial Group. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English, Creative Writing, where I worked briefly on the staff of Bricolage. Post-graduation I was news editor for the small press paper Comics F/X, and co-produced the fanzine Character Sheet. During my tenure as nine-year veteran and Purchasing Manager at Golden Age Collectables, I was invited as a guest to a few Norwescons until they wised up. I've been an on-again off-again member of Cartoonists Northwest since 1984. I am a founding member of "Sound on Paper," a writers' group based in Seattle, Washington. Its current members include Edd Vick, Amy Thomson, Kara Dalkey and Laura Staley. My only professional writing sales so far are to MU Press for the framing story and a short comic story in Furkindred: Renewal of Porpoise and various (adult) stories in Wild! (warning: adult). My latest, issue #13, was also released as Dr. Minkenstein #0 with new cover by Phil Foglio, but the spinoff minisieries is, regrettably, on permanent hold. I regularly attend AmberCon NorthWest, an Amber Diceless RPG convention, and present awards as Dworkin at the after-party every year. Role-playing game sites occupy most of my web bandwitch these days. Click on the links above to view my hobby activities.